We are professional iriscope ,iridology camera suppliers from China. We provides production and supply of iriscope, iridology camera, and iridology chart. We are China iridology camera suppliers.


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–> download Iridology-FAQ-Introduction0404 Iridology-FAQ-Introduction0404 Ebook download  

–> Click here to download IridologyRayid method as an instrument of rayid   IridologyRayid method as an instrument of rayid  

John Andrews Iridology ebook download       –>  Click here to download John Andrews Iridology      

iridology books free download URL is: Click here to down the Iridology BOOK. On the soil and health website there  is also a link to Sharida Shadan’s book and many other fantastic out of print books  

1)What agency learn I can iridology online course?     1 Certificate in Iridology Consulting (CIC)     “DEAC accreditation complements and strengthens an institution’s status through its institution’s status through its unprecedented understanding of the changing distance education landscape. In …

1)WHAT ARE PARASITES? Parasite: Root in Latin parasitus, root in Greek parsitos. Parasites are organisms that extract their food, nutrition and shelter by living in or on another organism, causing damage and distraction to the host. More than 100 different …

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