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iridology -Drug plaque

Intestinal narrowing

Intestinal diverticula

Intestinal dilatation

Gastric function decline

Drug plaque

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iridologic case Closed condition potholes

Central nervous

How do I receive all the posts from the members in this group if there is no “edit settings” button? I found out Andrejka! You have to go to groups in the left hand column and the contol buttons are …

Hello everyone , I wanted to know what this ‘yellow circle/ring’ surrounding the pupil significates , and whether all eye colours share this ‘yellow circle’ – anyone know’s the answer? thank you. I had a quarrel over this issue therefore, …

IRRIDOLOGY can tell you loads of information about a persons health. Whaaa jimmy brilliant comment. Could every eye be a universe ? Very thought provoking eyes are doors to the universe of one’s soul.(?) Patterns keep repeating in nature and …

What can you see in my iridology   its weird that academics use the term alternative when the documented tech of readying the iris goes back over ten thousand years. and main stream medicine has been around for about a …

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