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DOB: May 20, 1951 right handed cancer surgery left breast 4 yrs. ago

She is right handed. DOB: August 20, 1959. She has Arthritis since 5 years. She has been using steroid treatment. She has seasonal attacks. She has moving pain in her joints.

She is right handed female. She is 37 yrs old. She is daughter of GA_female_67. She has allergic reaction to pollen of grain and wild grass. She has not any other complaints at the moment. She is right handed female. …

By Agota Csekey, C.C.Ir, C.H.P. The 12 year old Bill T. suffered from headaches, stiff neck and jaw and pain in the shoulders for the last 5-6 months and at the time of the iris analysis. It was revealed, as …

Picture A Picture B Picture C By Agota Csekey, C.C. Ir. A 65 year old male visited my office with several complaints regarding his health. I took a detailed health history and noted the following complaints: high blood pressure, sluggish …

The Autonomic Nerve Wreath The collarette or “Autonomic Nerve Wreath” is one of the most important landmarks that an Iridologist will analyze. The collarette is exemplified as a vascular analog for the autonomic nervous system. This circular phenomena is described …

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