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Attached are images of a client that I have,In the left iris there are significant red fibers at the 3:30 and 5 o’clock area. The client has had 3 C-sections and feels tired but no other significant symptoms right now. …

What do y’all think of my eye No Micheal! I study health and well-being! Pretty eyes. Over acid, lymph congestion, support kidney. Massage would be good to get lymph nodes moving. Apple cider vinegar with the mother would be good …

Hello everybody! ? Thanks in advance. Adopt an alkaline diet

Happy to find this group! Interested in learning iridology. Here are our eyes Here is a holistic healer that has over 300 videos and he has a handful of iridolgy teaching ones. Dr Bernard Jensen is the top book writer …

Good afternoon thank you all for joining me to this group me I know your feelings about this eye? There is no iridologyst on my country so it’s hard to know about this cience but some body told me that …

can you analyzer my iridology pic COQ 10 would be very beneficial. Perhaps maybe try a shot from the very front. It is a little hard to tell with shadows and glare. We could tell you more.  

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