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  Kidney Lymphatic (The Integrated Iridology Textbook) Purchase here http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs052/1102093017864/archive/1109935213724.html

CNS – Brain Studies -iridology case

CNS – Brain Studies -iridology case He is right handed male. DOB: June 01, 1972. He has a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis two weeks ago. His investigations (Lab tests, MR and others) is continuing. He has numbness in right side of face and right arm. …

She is right handed. She is 67 yrs old female. She has pain in her left groin in last 1-2 years. She will have a colonoscopy next month. She has panic attack. She has been using Cipram one a day …

Case Study Archive Cholesterol Study -iridology DOB: Jan 10, 1937 male (husband of PG) appendix removed high cholesterol

Cholesterol Study -iridology

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