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Hello everybody! ? Thanks in advance. Adopt an alkaline diet

Happy to find this group! Interested in learning iridology. Here are our eyes Here is a holistic healer that has over 300 videos and he has a handful of iridolgy teaching ones. Dr Bernard Jensen is the top book writer …

Good afternoon thank you all for joining me to this group me I know your feelings about this eye? There is no iridologyst on my country so it’s hard to know about this cience but some body told me that …

can you analyzer my iridology pic COQ 10 would be very beneficial. Perhaps maybe try a shot from the very front. It is a little hard to tell with shadows and glare. We could tell you more.  

please comment, I’d be interested in what input you have Attend to the digestion and lymphatic systems. Possible inflammation. Minerals, silica required. Lymphathic Constitution- Mesenchymal disposition – Acidity Diathesis : weak point Connectif tissue ….Look for immune system ( Built …

Glaucoma. Check with your eye doctor. Low iron. Are you talking about the white in the lower pupil? If so, I believe that is another reflection of my circular fluorescent lamp. No it looks like reflection. But glaucoma please check.As …

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