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old iridologic chart

How do I receive all the posts from the members in this group if there is no “edit settings” button? I found out Andrejka! You have to go to groups in the left hand column and the contol buttons are …

Hello everyone , I wanted to know what this ‘yellow circle/ring’ surrounding the pupil significates , and whether all eye colours share this ‘yellow circle’ – anyone know’s the answer? thank you. I had a quarrel over this issue therefore, …

IRRIDOLOGY can tell you loads of information about a persons health. Whaaa jimmy brilliant comment. Could every eye be a universe ? Very thought provoking eyes are doors to the universe of one’s soul.(?) Patterns keep repeating in nature and …

Dear all. I have my first iridologist appointment next week with Dr. Serge jurasunas, in Portugal. I’m apprehensive and excited at the same time. I want to feel better and I have hope. The only worry is the cost of …

In an Iridology assessment, would this be good to remembe

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