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How iridology work?

How iridology work?

IridologyThe rationale behind iridology is believed to be associated with the nerve connections between the eye and brain through the optic nerve. This connection makes a circuit possible to every part of the body and distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy nerve supply. Iris fibers that reflex to a specific organ that is in an acute or chronic state will be evident by color and texture.

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A basic guide to iridology diagnosis in Sydney

A basic guide to iridology diagnosis in Sydney

Iridology is often used by naturopaths to help determine the state of their client’s health. There are different tools that naturopaths employ to analyse the iris, which is the coloured doughnut-shaped tissue of the eye, such as an iris camera or a torch and magnifying glass.

While iridology doesn’t enable naturopaths to diagnose diseases, the iris can be used to identify if a range of different body systems aren’t functioning correctly or are over stressed. There are also various iris signs that can signify if specific health problems are evident.

Sign 1: Cholesterol ring

Otherwise referred to as arcus senilis, the cholesterol ring is a frosted white circle which appears in the outer perimeter of the iris. If an individual has a cholesterol ring this often highlights they have high cholesterol levels or genetically have a higher risk of developing heart disease. Health advice for this condition includes regular exercise, weight loss and taking fish oils.

Sign 2: Nerve rings

Nerve rings are identified as concentric arcs which can be seen anywhere on the iris. These signify if an individual carries stress in their body. The higher the number of nerve rings an individual has, the more stress they are carrying. Epsom salt baths, kava, passion flower, yoga and meditation can help to calm a nervous system that is overactive.

Sign 3: Lymphatic rosary

Identified as a series of small white or cream beads that appear on the outer iris perimeter, a lymphatic rosary often highlights a sluggish lymphatic system. It also reveals that the immune system could need assistance with garlic and vitamin C, as well as echinacea and zinc.

Sign 4: Pulsating pupil

When a pupil can be seen pulsating in and out or is larger than it’s normal size, this is often an indicator that you could be adrenally exhausted and may be suffering from fatigue. If you take vitamin B, along with herbs related to the adrenals, such as rehmannia or liquorice, this can help you to sleep better.

Sign 5: Fine red blood vessels

If fine red blood vessels can be seen in the whites of the eyes surrounding the iris, this is a sign that the individual may suffer from allergies. To treat this it’s important to identify and remove the allergen.
Iridology Sydney

If you’re interested in having a naturopath perform this service, contact Express Healing Sydney iridology today. Our Sydney iridologist Ale’ has many years’ experience in iris diagnosis.

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What are the benefits of Iridology?

What are the benefits of Iridology?

Iridology treats the person instead of the symptoms. Through understanding your genetic vulnerabilities and reactive patterns, you can maintain balance and guard against illness. The body has its own healing wisdom, given the opportunity. Iridology offers a simple economical way to learn to care for your body.

The fundamental goal of iridology is prevention of serious degenerative processes by integrating nutritional, mechanical (chiropractic), spiritual and emotional support. Some of the benefits of iridology are:

Overall health awareness
Understanding how the organs interact
Knowing which organs are under or over active
Becoming familiar with the body’s overall chemistry
Knowing the conditions of the nervous, digestive, elimination, lymphatic and structural systems of the body.


Inflammation Spotting. Will show where inflammation is present.
Reveals areas in the body where acidity has or can accumulate.
Body Activity Levels. Will show if any part of your body is over active or under active.
Problem Spotting. Will show where problems are occurring in your body.

It is this tissue change that takes place in the patient that makes iridology especially valuable for those specializing in the treatment of chronic diseases.

The Health Status Equation
In order to fully appreciate what the iris reveals, let’s first consider this equation:


We all inherit certain combinations of physical traits. We can observe some of these origins from our family tree, but how much this specifically affects you? Diet and lifestyle have a great impact on some people, but why are others able to get away with abusing their bodies? Which mental and emotional aspects significantly affect our physical health? And as we get older, we lose our resiliency at different rates.

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Iridology benefit

Iridology benefit

1. Their examination is non-invasive. The only thing patients have to tolerate is light being shone in the eyes.

2. Iridologists aim to keep the patient well. They try to discover imbalances or weaknesses in the body before they develop into serious medical problems. Of course prevention of health problems is a central concept of all schools of medicine. Iridologists’ advice on how to keep the patient well is frequently good. For example, they may recommend a good diet, drinking plenty of water, and moderate exercise.

vitamins & minerals chart

What is iridology examination?

What is iridology examination?

Although the study of the eye can be traced back to ancient civilizations, clinical iridology was introduced in the late nineteenth century by Ignatz von Peczely, a Hungarian doctor. Von Peczely designed his first iris chart after he noticed a correlation between streaks or markers in a patient’s iris and corresponding physical ailments. Since the creation of his iris chart, modern day iridologists use this tool to determine changes in the iris that give clues to physical changes within the body, including inflammation, toxicity, congested lymph nodes and hardening of the arteries. Although iridology cannot reveal specific diseases or ailments, it can alert the patient of potential health issues. An iridology exam is a painless, non-invasive procedure that includes a health questionnaire on your medical history and lifestyle, and an examination of the iris using an instrument called the iridiscope (a magnifying glass with a light). A special camera called an iridocamera may also be used to take a picture of the iris, which is then downloaded into a computer for analyzing.

Controversy surrounding iridology has mounted due to the misconception that the alternative therapy can accurately diagnose chronic and potentially fatal diseases. This viral misconception has been propagated by iridologists misusing their practice of the alternative technique.

“Iridology is the study of the iris, or the colored part of the eye. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool; rather it is a screening tool that gives us a glimpse into the genetic road map one is born with,” explains Trixie Clark, RN, ND, IIPA certified comprehensive iridologist (CCI) and vice president of the International Iridology Practitioners Association. “We inherit tendencies from our parents and grandparents that can affect our health. With iridology, we can inform someone of these tendencies based on the eye color and various markings that are seen. Again, we cannot diagnose diseases, like cancer or anemia, from the iris.”

vitamins & minerals chart

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