10 PCS About iridology chart free I Wish I Did Better


10 PCS About iridology chart free I Wish I Did Better

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What is Iridology?

Iridology’s beginning started in the early 1800s when a young boy named Ignatz von Peczely of Egernar, near Budapest, Hungary, caught an owl one day. The eleven year old boy struggled with the frightened bird and met with the fierce claws as the bird instinctively tried to defend himself. In order to free himself von Peczely accidentally broke the owl’s leg. As a youth and the owl glared into one another’s eyes the boy observed a black stripe rising in the owl’s eye (about 6:00). Von Peczely bandaged the owl’s leg and nursed him back to health finally giving him his freedom. But the bird lingered in the garden several years and von Peczely observed the appearance of white and crooked lines where the black stripe first appeared. The black stripe eventually became a tiny black spot, surrounded by white lines and shading.

When he grew up Ignatz von Peczely became a physician. He never forgot the incident with the owl. Work in the surgical wards of the college hospital afforded him the opportunity to observe irises of patients after accidents and preceding and following surgery. A study of the changes in the eyes coinciding with injuries, surgery or illnesses convinced von Peczely that there was a reflex relationship between the various markings in the iris and the rest of the body. He was certain that the iris mirrored tissue changes of the various organs and created the first chart of the iris based on his finding.

At the similar point in history a Rev. Niels Liljequist, a Swedish clergyman, was discovering that a relationship existed between various drug settlements and specific discolorations in the iris of the eye. Extremely ill as a youth, Liljequist had taken massive quantities of quinine. This led to his correlation of the yellow-green discoloration in his eye to the use of quinine.

Iridology has progressed tremendously since the 1800s. Numerous scientists and doctors have researched Iridology and revised and enlarged the iris char. Dr. Bernard Jensen, renowned Iridologist and Nutritionist, pioneered the science of Iridology in the U.S. and developed one of the most comprehensive chars. Dr. Jensen’s Chart to Iridology represents all organs of the body with the pupillary area corresponding to the navel and the remaining organs circle this nucleus, radiating out like the spokes of a wheel. Additionally, certain vital organs, such as the lungs, kidneys, thyroid, liver, etc., are boldly outlined to enable the practitioner to detect them as major landmarks in the iris topography.

What exactly is “Iridology?” By way of definition it is the science and practice revealing inflammation, where located and in what stage it is manifesting. The iris reveals bodily conditions, inherent weaknesses, levels of health, and the transition that takes place in a person’s body according to the way he or she lives. This adjunctive analysis allows the doctor to relate marking and signs in the iris to reflex manifestation of the various organs of the body. The eye has been proclaimed through the ages as “the mirror of the soul”, and now we acknowledge it as the window to the body – enabling us to visualize normal and abnormal states within the body and its organs.

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