5 PCS Right IRIS CHART FREE for you downlaod


5 PCS Right IRIS CHART FREE for you downlaod

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righ iris chart

righ iris chart

righ iris chart

Tongue Reading

Tongue ReadingTongue reading has a much more extensive history as it has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Like the eye in iridology, the tongue has a reflex map that also represents the organ systems. The Chinese were the first to find similar reflex relationships with the ears, hands, and feet associated with acupuncture points. Observing the tongue’s appearance and size, quality, color, texture, and coating, our doctors gather information that help to clarify the function of the organs and the specific needs of the patient.

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Our doctors use iridology and tongue reading as an adjunct to the biochemical metabolic tests, laboratory blood tests, physical exam, and history, rather than as a solo diagnostic method. In conjunction with these other methods we are able to gather more information about tendencies and patterns that may not be evident otherwise. The doctor looks at color variations, shapes, patterns, topography of fibers, in relation to the reflex iridology map to help determine how systems function. In our experience, iridology is most useful to understand how the “organ system” is functioning rather than exacting particular organs or body parts. For instance it is more likely to determine circulatory stress, digestive stress, or toxic waste accumulation instead of exacting “heart” dysfunction, or “pancreatic” dysfunction, or lead toxicity.

Iridology and tongue reading are safe, non-invasive diagnostic techniques that have been validated by many studies and challenged by others. It deserves further investigation to find its strengths so that it may be incorporated into traditional physical examinations.


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