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equine iridology chart

The Eye: The Blueprint to a Healthy Body The Eye

The Eye: The Blueprint to a Healthy Body The Eye

According to Iridology the iris of the eye is like a blueprint to the entire body. Iridologists believe that the eye is an intricate blueprint to a person’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. For those readers who are not aware of what Iridology is–it happens to be an alternative medical technique which utilizes the patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris to determine information about a patient’s systemic health. Essentially, Iridologists believe that they can match their observations of the eye to an eye chart, which divides the iris into zones. These zones correspond to specific parts of the human body. Iridologists believe that they can utilize these charts to distinguish between healthy systems and organs in the body and those that may potentially be overactive, inflamed, or distressed.

Iridology has a very long history, in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, writings and works on Iris markings and their meanings were recorded, mainly by medical practitioners. One of the most renowned and earliest practitioners of Iridology was Dr. Ignatz von Peczely.

According to the YouTube video, Dr. Ignatz von Peczely, a Hungarian Doctor and surgeon from the Vienna Medical College would study irises of patients before and after surgical proceedings and record his finding. In 1818 Dr. Ignatz van Peczely published his research and eye chart in the book ‘Discoveries in the Realms of Nature and Art of Healing’.

Iridology has come a long way since the 18th century, with large strides under the research of people such as Dr. Bernard Jensen. Dr. Jensen travelled all over the United States and 65 other countries observing peoples health choices, nutritional choices, and cultures. He was interested in Longevity. What he ascertained through all of his travels was that 80% of what Iridologists see in the irises tells them about their patients’ genetics. From the start of his practice Dr. Jensen has serviced more than 350,000 patients in his tenure. This includes Actors, Artists, and other famous people. Dr. Bernard Jensen’s protégé Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D. Sc. CCIIhas successfully used Iridology on Grammy award winning singer songwriter Jewel.

In the video Jewel was very honest about the fact that she was skeptical at first about Iridology. She thought it sounded like “palm reading”, but then became a major supporter when Iridologist Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, from looking at her eyes was able to ascertain a kidney issue that all standard medical doctors wrote off as nothing being wrong. When in actuality Jewel had been suffering from chronic infections in her kidneys. But with working with Ellen Tart Jensen and taking her recommendations on a new nutritional plan, Jewel has been healthier ever since.

equine iridology chart

How is Iridology Used?

How is Iridology Used?

Iridology is a tool to assess where inherent strengths and deficiencies are located within the body, however it does not give solutions as such. Many different types of health practitioners may practice iridology. Each would then use their own particular realm of expertise to determine the type of treatment they would use in response to what they observe in the eyes of the client.

equine iridology chart

How long does a consultation take?

How long does a consultation take?

When an iris analysis is completed as part of a comprehensive health evaluation, the appointment time is normally about two hours. If an individual wants only an iris analysis without a comprehensive health consultation, the appointment is normally one hour.

equine iridology chart

Is There Science in Iridology?

Is There Science in Iridology?

As my inquiry of iridology proceeded, the issue of science did come up. How could I prove to someone else that the iris was anatomically and physiologically equipped to indicate what I was taught to believe it could? Early in my iridology training I was taught that nerve impulses reach the brain from the tissues in the body and are routed to the iris through the optic nerve. When the nerve information reached the iris fibers it caused a restructuring in the iris to reflect the condition of the tissues of the body. As my training went on, my teachers came across the sad fact that the iris and optic nerve have little influence on each other. The theory then changed to state that the information reached the iris via the oculomotor nerve.What evidence indicates that the iris can change fiber structure based on the information it receives via the oculomotor nerve? One iridologist has claimed, “We know from research using electron microscopes, that each fiber in the iris is actually a nerve sheath containing over 20,000 nerve fibers. Each of the nerve fibers travels through the central nervous system to every organ, system and area of the human body. As such, each region of the iris represents an area of the body.”

(eGuide on iridology) Is there correlation for this evidence?A histology text states, “The anterior (front) surface of the iris is irregular and rough, with grooves and ridges. It is formed by a discontinuous layer of pigment cells and fibroblasts. Beneath this layer is a poorly vascularized (blood fed) connective tissue with few fibers and many fibroblasts and melanocytes (color cells). The next area is rich in blood vessels embedded in loose connective tissue.” [Taken from page 456 of Basic Histology 8th edition by L. Carlos Junquerira, Jose Carneiro, Robert O. Kelley ISBN: 0-8385-0567-8] In other words, the iris fibers are not bundles of nerve fibers, but strands of cells that are similar to the ones in cartilage. With this “microanatomy” in mind, where is the scientific support for the idea of a structural change to the iris via the nervous system? Unless other evidence is presented, there is no support for this idea.The whole issue of presenting an anatomic, histologic, and physiologic basis for iridology is crucially important. Up to the point that I was finally willing to question the basic ideas of iridology, my previous studies presented only a shadow of doubt. Up to this point, I was able to question the validity and value of my conclusions against iridology because other iridologists had opposite conclusions or found nothing wrong with conclusions similar to mine. It was hard to believe that something I trusted most of my life was wrong.

equine iridology chart

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