6 iridology iris Lymph System Ring


Lymph System Ring is located in the 6th ring in the iris.
Lymph System Ring is golden with shining point, and for blue iris it is white.
Lymph System Ring is a part of circulatory system, it is made up of lymphatic which transport the lymph fluid and lymphoid organs which produce lymph cells ( include Lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, thymus and all kinds lymphoid tissues in alimsntary tube) Normally, under the quiet circumstance, about 120 ml lymph fluid gets into blood circulation, and there are many lymph glands in body. When organ or some position get sick (inflammation or cancer), local lymph glands swells, the structures of related area in iris become loosen, and the color becomes golden or white with shining. When the lymph system ring turns into white or golden, the toxic stockpile is too much and it will damage immune system, so we need to take attention to our immune function.

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