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You may be surprised to learn that the idea of Iridology, if not the practice, is nearly 2,000 years old. In the nineteenth century, two European men “rediscovered” the idea of iris analysis and today share the title of “Father of Iridology.” Ignatz von Peczely, as a young lad, accidentally broke the leg of an owl, and in nursing the owl back to health, noticed a black line in the owl’s eye. As the owl healed, the line became white and began to shrink. This iris mark made an impression on the young Peczely, who later in life became a doctor. Remembering the incident with the owl, he began correlating patient’s conditions with their eyes. Peczely made the first eye chart. Dr. Bernard Jensen promotes and teaches Iridology in the United States, and has made a more comprehensive eye chart that is used today.

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