A Brief History of Iridology


In 1670, iridology was documented as a diagnostic tool by Phillipus Meyen, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that a doctor by the name of Ignatz von Peczely connected the lines of the iris to specific ailments. As a child, Ignatz caught an owl but accidentally broke one of its wings. He saw that a dark stripe appeared in the lower part of the owl’s eye. After nursing the owl back to health and letting it go, the boy who would become Dr. von Peczely later saw that the dark stripe had turned into white and crooked lines when the bird insisted on staying in his backyard. As a physician he noted that humans who had fractured limbs had similar black to white lines as their fractures healed.

About the same time in Switzerland, the boy who would become Pastor Nils Liliequist became sick from a vaccination he had recently received. After being prescribed Quinine and iodine as a cure for the ailments caused by the vaccinations, he noticed that his eyes had changed colour from blue to green.

Iridology is a homeopathic practice which is found more often in Europe, rather than the United States, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that iridology was used in the United States. A chiropractor named Bernard Jensen began teaching classes regarding the body’s exposure to toxins as being prominent in the iris of the eye. American iridologists still use Dr Jensen’s methods; however his European colleges never quite accepted his findings or treatments. “Differentiation of the Iris Signs” and “Elements of iris diagnosis” written by German naturopath Josef Deck are considered to be the basic text books of iridology used by practitioners today.

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