Adaptive Rings and Arcs of the Iris


Adaptive Rings and Arcs of the Iris

Adaptive rings and arcs are described as contraction and cardiac; nerve rings are arc-shaped or circular hollows in the iris stroma.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, these rings and arcs are located in the ciliary belt and very rarely in the pupillary belt. They can be bright or dark, narrow or wide, smooth or sinuous, recent or established, homogenous or non-uniformly pigmented. They also can be closed or incomplete, concentric and eccentric, vertical or broken and single or multiple.

Ophthalmologists consider contraction rings to be simple folds of the iris, and explain their origin by the workings of the neuro-motor apparatus of the eye, contraction, and dilation of the superficial layers of the iris. However, iridologists think that some other factors should be taken into consideration. Histologically there is no anterior boundary layer at the level of the mentioned folds; they are present in few people, while multiple dilations and contractions of the pupil occur in every iris. They usually don’t have a regular shape, and, above all, folds are not increased considerably in mydriasis and are decreased in miosis. There are some differences among iridological schools in opinions about adaptive rings.

Some iridologists consider adaptive rings to be a phenomenon associated with changes in metabolic activity, which always leads to a reduction of tissue elasticity and with age, to sclerotic changes in the organism. They think that such conditions as traumas, inflammations, overloads with medicines and meals with high calcium contents are significant for adaptive ring formation.

If the adaptive rings are seen inside the collarette, then emotional issues connected to the gastro-intestinal system may be indicated. Observing the location where the adaptive arc stops, breaks or converges can be a focus for physiological stress, neuromuscular tensions, nutritional imbalances including oxygen starvation.

Other iridologists associate these iridological signs with prolonged overload of the sympathetic nervous system influencing the pupil dilator tonus. They assert that exact constriction of the dilator with simultaneous relaxation of the sphincter leads to the formation of the concentric folds and furrows, which are a non-specific reactive phenomenon. Thus, they consider strong emotions, physical and psychical overloads, stress states, as well as different pains and irritants to be the main reasons for adaptive ring formation. Most of these iridologists think that people with such signs are sensitive individuals who do not tend to reveal their emotions, but rather hide them. Therefore, it is possible to approximate reactivity and the emotional state of the individual via adaptive rings.

The fact is that in the most active period of life, maximal adaptive rings are present in the iris and in the period of progressive aging, there is a minimal number, indicating that there is no direct connection between the diseases and adaptive rings, otherwise their maximum should be in the elderly who often have multiple diseases and deviations from a normal state. Adaptive rings help to evaluate the psycho-emotional tension of a person, which is necessary in psycho-neurological practice, especially in those cases where a labile and hyper-sensitive person is hiding behind a mask of external tranquility and steadiness.

Normally, there are no more than two to three adaptive rings and arcs in an iris.

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