Attached are images of a client that I have


Attached are images of a client that I have,In the left iris there are significant red fibers at the 3:30 and 5 o’clock area. The client has had 3 C-sections and feels tired but no other significant symptoms right now. Principle family history of blood pressure and stroke. the left iris is on the left.

Attached are images of a client that I have 1 Attached are images of a client that I have 2


Well thank you all for your comments. It is truly a fascinating science. Please keep them coming.

By stomach cut open you mean abdomen, right ? Because there is no need to cut open the stomach to have babies. Ive had a C section myself. Rust colored pigments indicate liver insufficiency. I would suggest supporting the liver. Liver can be involved due to instability on an emotional level. 3 kids and the ups and downs of life can contribute to this feeing of instability.

This person may have had a high fever at a young age. Glandular issues, run on the sympathetic nervous system. Bones and muscles may be effected. Anxiety titanic, nervous person or stress easy.

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