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1)Who is behavioral iridology?


“Like fingerprints every iris on the planet is unique to its owner. The eyes of another are often our first contact point. Within a few seconds of meeting a stranger we are already beginning to consciously or unconsciously feel what that individual may be like”.
  • Access tools to achieve personal goals
  • Create personal abundance
  • Understand your life lessons
  • Create more meaningful relationships
  • Understand your relationship dynamics
  • Understand how your family traits are affecting you
  • Experience increased health and vitality
  • Understand your unique gifts and talents
There are two basic personality categories into which all people fall: those that think and those who emote. No two personalities are the same, even though there are hundreds or possibly thousands of additional factors that influence personality. When these character modifiers are taken away, everyone falls into one of these basic categories, thinking or emotional. Everyone possesses both qualities, yet there is always one that predominates.
The photographs and text below describe these two personality types.
Thinking Type

Thinking Type Above:Burnt orange to dark brown or black dots in the iris indicate an activation within the left brain creating a need for some specific form of information. This in turn stimulates the person to verbally communicate information, ideas, or opinions. These people have an insatiable desire for knowledge. wake up thinking, have an affinity for caffeine, and often find it hard to “wind down” in order to sleep. The greater the number of spots or Psora found in both irises, the more these traits are accentuated. People of this personality type are prone to be clear, concise communicators. They also possess a highly developed emotional side which is often hidden deep within their phyche. Their primary lesson is to trust their innate wisdom in their hearts using their words to reflect their inner truth and not necessarily their frequently rigid options.

Emotional Type

Emotional Type Above:Rounded openings in the iris shaped like pockets indicate a stimulation of the right brain which in turn sparks imagination, creativity, and spontaneous emotion. People of this type communicate with postures and gestures. They are inherently non-verbal communicators, finding it a challenge to choose words that describe the multitude of feelings and emotions bubbling up inside them. This personality type is “others-centered”, allowing other people to determine or dictate their actions. They seek a heart connection so strongly they may even compromise themselves to achieve it. Buried within their psyche is a strong mind. Their lesson in life is to verbally speak the truth from their hearts, while creating stability through consistency and structure.

Iris Positions Chart
Iris Positions Above:Psora (orange to dark brown spots) and Lacunae (rounded openings or pockets) in the 28 iris positions reflect specific character traits. One’s right eye indicates the relationship with father and the material world, while the left iris shows one’s relationship with mother and creativity. These structural components indicate various aspects of our lives we have chosen to learn. As wisdom is gained, we acquire access to the gift of each potential lesson. For example, Lacunae in the Anger position indicates a temper in the personality.  When we learn to relate to our anger in a healthy way, it becomes passion. The goal of Behavioral Iridology is not to try and make emotion go away, which is impossible, but to transform it
into something useful. Iris Positions offer a practitioner the opportunity to understand accurate details about a perfect stranger’s behavioral qualities in a very short time.Behavioral Iridology is a tool that may stand alone or enhance another therapeutic modality. For counselors, social workers, and psychologists,  Behavioral Iridology allows a practitioner to see and explain core issues in the first session. When integrated into a practice, it assists the practitioner in focusing treatment and/or therapy toward deeper more comprehensive results.Behavioral Iridology is rapidly becoming the ‘GO TO’ method for personality assessment. If you work in any service-oriented profession, have a personal challenge in your life, or just want to know more about yourself, contact Jim Verghis for more information or to sponsor
an event in your area. It’s a great way to get paid for your learning.

2)behavioral iridology Examples


iris_sample01 iris_sample02 iris_sample03 iris_sample04


3)Examples  FQA.


Some of the more frequently asked questions we receive are listed below:1. Do the eyes change?
The answer to this question has been hotly debated for many years. We are confident in saying the
only ‘changes’ we have photographically documented in the past 17 years is the addition of color and Psora. Psora begin forming about the age of about two and have been seen to form as late as 32. Generally, during the mid-twenties, no new Psora appear. Lacunae do not appear to change or transform in any other way than their normal reshaping due to pupil dilation. The appearance of Lacunae changes in photographic images are usually due to this factor.2. What is the difference between Behavioral Iridology and Physical Iridology?
Jim Verghis is a former Rayid Master, Rayid’s highest level of achievement. Although these two approaches both use the iris to determine personality, there is distinct difference in teaching styles and emphasis on specific information. The Rayid method has a more metaphysical approach toward viewing the iris, seeing it more as a mandala of cosmic energy. Behavioral Iridology evaluates the iris identifying two primary types, focusing in great detail iris positions and their effect on personality. Behavioral Iridology also includes iris color as a personality modifier.  Both systems have value in their own right.3. What is the difference between Behavioral Iridology and Rayid?
Jim Verghis is a former Rayid Master, Rayid’s highest level of achievement. Although these two approaches both use the iris to determine personality, there is distinct difference in teaching styles and emphasis on specific  information. The Rayid method has a more metaphysical approach toward viewing the iris, seeing it more as a mandala of cosmic energy. Behavioral Iridology evaluates the iris identifying two primary types, focusing in great detail iris positions and their effect on personality. Behavioral Iridology also includes iris color as a personality modifier.  Both systems have value in their own right.4. How long do I have to study Behavioral Iridology I can begin using it?
Behavioral Iridology is extremely user friendly and interactive. We ask our students to begin to use this information as soon as possible. A lighted magnifier for viewing eyes is included with our courses as it is important to start to look into eyes as soon as possible. As in all studies, practice with patience is the best way to learn. Having worked with numerous Iridologists, we have noted how quickly people become accustomed to our user friendly terminology and personality type explanations. Behavioral Iridology is practical – the more you interact and use the information, the faster you learn.5. What is the best way to learn BI?
Behavioral Iridology is best learned initially by correspondence course. Our course utilizes a PowerPoint presentation with attached MP3 audio files. We are available by e-mail and phone during your study period for questions and clarifications. The courses arrive complete with book and audio CDs. (Each disc is approximately 45 minutes long.) The prospective student should decide whether he or she wishes to study Behavioral Iridology only or integrate some basic Physical Iridology knowledge as well. Bridging The Gap incorporates Physical Iridology information along with Behavioral Iridology. The Behavioral Iridology course is aimed more at those working in the areas of counseling, social work, or physiological fields. You can e-mail Jim to sponsor a local weekend event or find an upcoming event near to you.
(See contact information).

6. Does iris color effect personality?
The answer to this question is quite simply ‘yes’. Iris color adds some unique adaptive features to the
way an iris is interpreted. The issue of color is geographic – the more one inclines to the northern hemisphere, the greater the conservation of bodily heat and increased stress is placed upon the lymphatic system. The nearer one gets to the equator, the greater the discharge of bodily heat and increased stress is placed upon the hepatic system. A typical blue-eyed person tends to be more conservative in outlook with inner directed personal goals or agendas. A typical brown-eyed type tends toward a gregarious and group-motivated dynamic, seeing the needs of the collective outweighing the individual (traditionalist). There is much more about this subject in our correspondence courses.

4)How to contact behavioral iridology?



For more information e-mail Jim Verghis:

Phone: 505-466-4344

Facebook :

5)Why behavioral iridology?


Why We Do What We Do

Children are the barometer for the family, reflecting the overall health and harmony within the family tree. Because our children are the furthest point downstream in the family lineage, they automatically inherit the unresolved pain, as well as the gifts from their mother, father and previous generations.

The solutions to addressing challenges in our children, such as ADD, ADHD, difficulties with learning, and sleep disorders, to name a few, are held within the family tree. In fact, all imbalances in the human body have components found within our genealogy, if you know where and what to look for. Have you ever wondered what happens when your violent, abusive, alcoholic paternal grandfather dies, or the implications of your mother who fought with her mother who fought with her mother?  The spirit of these behaviors is passed to the next generation, and unless these issues are consciously addressed, they are handed down to the next generation. These energies snowball and build momentum, eventually causing physical disease and conditions that manifest in our present and future generations. Left unresolved, the present and future generations will repeat the patterns of the past.

When parents are willing to see their children as the reflection of their own childhood challenges and pain, they take the first step in healing themselves, their children, and previous generations. This is a quantum shift in awareness from the old paradigm that identifies “the children” as the problem. The result is an improved quality in the parents’ lives and expanded love in their marriage, which benefits their entire family.  These benefits extend to the past as well as unborn generations.

Changing the Destiny of Your Family’s Future

A key ingredient to the success of our programs is the level of commitment parents are willing to take to create changes within the family matrix.  Parents are guided, encouraged and supported every step of the way to achieve their desired results. The tools we use include:


The Whole Family uses natural, non-invasive, organic tools and techniques to create structures for your family on the path to greater cooperation, health, and harmony. The systems we work with allow us to quickly and efficiently know your family dynamic on a very personal level.  The first step in our process is a free family screening to determine compatibility of your family with us and our programs.
Call us for your free Family Screening @ 505-466-4344.

  • Behavioral Iridology
  • Family Tree Assessment
  • Communication Skills
  • Individualized Parenting Strategies
  • Tutoring for Children
  • Right/Left Brain Balancing Techniques
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Family Activities
  • Healing Ceremonies for Your Family
  • Identify and support the individual needs of Indigo/Crystal children
  • Support unique qualities in each family member
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Create vibrant health and vitality in family members
  • Increase intimacy in your marriage
  • Improve cooperation in blended families

beth_bennetBeth M. Bennett, M.A., Ed.D.  Beth has worked in the education field for over 30 years, primarily facilitating children with special needs, including the gifted and talented. Beth’s gift is connecting with children to find and nourish the next phase of their expansion and learning. Beth’s playful and innocent attitude creates a safe environment for your child’s learning to expand.  Beth’s responsibilities in our programs include providing one-on-one tutoring for your children, teaching children body balancing techniques, as well as implementing the structure and continuity within our programs.

Jim Verghis

Jim Verghis, B.I.
Jim is the owner and director of the Institute of Behavioral Iridology. He has been interpreting personality and inherited family patterns from the eyes for over 24 years. Jim works with three primary modalities including iris patterns, specific gender sequence (birth order), and family history.  Jim’s gift is the ability to synthesize diverse and complex personal and family data into a practical clear understanding of sequences that create physiology and behaviors.
Jim brings humor and joy to his work, making the most difficult of topics fun and easy to comprehend. Jim’s comprehensive understanding of family dynamics brings clarity and direction to the overall program.

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7)behavioral iridology’s chart



behavioral iridology 2

behavioral iridology



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