Behavioural Iridology


Behavioural Iridology determines a person’s personality type. People have different ways of being and different needs, different modes of learning and different ways of expression. Behavioural iridology is used to assist clients to become aware of their emotions and beliefs to create greater self awareness to aid recovery and healing from within as many physical diseases stem from self-limiting patterns of behaviour.

primary types
primary – analytical type     Analytical type – Yang / Male

Eyes with dot-like pigments
primarytype1    Internal thinker, analyser, verbal, mental acuity
Learns visually & by association with emotions
Fears being controlled and criticized
Make excellent speakers and critics
Likes working with detail
Needs to experience real feelings

primary – emotional type     Emotional type – Yin / Female

Eyes defined by rounded openings
Lives life with vitality
Emotional, expressive, changeable, creative
primarytype2  Uses gestures and images
Learns through the auditory sense
Can become depressed and blaming
Artists, musicians, inventors, engineers

secondary types
secondary – motivator type     Emphatic type

Eyes contain straight lines
Intuitive, hypersensitive, motherly, supportive
Learns by experience and doing
secondarytype1   Gets overwhelmed with others needs
Make good healers, social workers
Public service

secondary – emphatic type     Motivator type

Has both pigments & rounded openings
Motivators & initiators.
secondarytype2  Changers
Auditory types – must feel it!
Easily frustrated, can be selfish
Feels like the black sheep
Artists, politicians, clergy, leaders, business types

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