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Como funciona o software para iriscopio? 1. instalar o software.   Ligue a chave USB cor-de-laranja ao seu PC. 3Open desktop “CadiCV Advance Analysis System English Version”. 1) Seleccione “User”, password: 111111, depois clique em: “Login”. 2) Clique em “Ferramentas …

The science and practice of iridology by bernard jensen One of the greatest healers in the world. Dr. Jensen has been a pioneer in the field of holistic health for over 60 years, paving the way for the alternative health …

How does Rayid differ from the physical view of the iris? Iridology is the study of the iris or colored part of the eye and is used as a diagnostic tool by trained healthcare professionals. Through the various markings, signs …

Iridology charts download free   you can click the images to get the big iridology charts   iridology charts download free how to read iridology eye charts software para iriscopio  

What is iridology? “The Iris, Sclera and Pupil of the eye show the veil the soul has created, through consciousness (or forgetfulness), that reflects the illusion which prepares the soul for attaining the reality of full enlightenment.” ~David J. Pesek, …

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