Characteristics related to Neurogenic constitution


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Characteristics related to Neurogenic constitution

Categoría: Iridology and Health

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Neurogenic constitution is characterized by the presence of very thin and stretched fibers; it makes the iris look like a fine silk fabric. Sometimes it is possible to find a small separation between the fibers located on the area of lungs or on the urogenital area.

This constitution is mainly focused on the nervous system. There can be found two types of this constitution, one is the Neurogenic Sensitive, and the second is the Neurogenic Robust.
Neurogenic Robust constitution

In this case the iris is characterized for having a good density. This constitution reveals a resilient personality, a person with a reckless attitude. However this person is also affected by the problems of lymphatic constitution such as inflammation and catarrh, severe fibrous inflammation (pericarditis, peritonitis, tuberculosis, colitis, pleurisy and certain types of joint inflammation) and gastrointestinal fermentation.
Neurogenic Sensitive constitution

In this case the fibers are thin like silk fibers and they reveal a notorious sensitivity on the central and autonomic nervous systems. A person with this kind of constitution tends to overburden his natural stronghold. This person has hyperacute senses and under the appearance of a positive and hardworking person who can achieve anything is a person with a great predisposition to nervous disorders. Even though a person with this constitution might be mentally hyperactive and with a strong will, it is possible that the nervous system may not cope with the excessive demands of the individual.

Iridologic SignsWhen the nervous system gets overburdened, the person can develop functional disorders on many areas such as circulatory system, digestive system (digestive problems, stomach ulcers, intestinal disorders like constipation or colitis) and hormonal disorders such as hyperactivity on the parathyroid, thyroid, and adrenals. This constitution is also related with vulnerability in the presence of noise, radiation and electromagnetic fields.
General pathological predisposition related to neurogenic constitution

Nervous system weakness
Weakening of the hormonal glands, particularly of the thyroid and adrenal glands
Vasospasms with a special risk for brain vessels, skin rushes with a possible involvement of the nervous system

Recommendations for a neurogenic constitution

Avoid stimulant foods such as sugar, coffee, caffeine, alcohol, carbonated beverages and cigarettes since these elements tend to eventually drain the nervous system. It is also recommended the intake of foods rich in vitamins of the B group since they provide a valuable support for the nervous system. Mineral supplements are also essential on the nutrition of a person with neurogenic constitution, especially a supplement rich in potassium and magnesium.

Emotional and mental relaxation therapy and to dedicate enough time to rest and to meditation can also provide valuable support for the nervous system. Avoid excessive noise from sources like TV and radio. Orange blossom tea, chamomile tea and lemon balm tea before bed will help relax nerves and keep a god night’s rest. Avoid stimulation before bed like eating late.

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