Dino Lite Iriscope


What is Dino Lite Iriscope?

Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope

The Dino Lite Iriscope makes it easy to create clear images of your eyes and iris. Due to the high magnification, you can hardly see details. In naturopathic medicine, the IriScope is often used for iris diagnosis. Iridologists assess a patient’s health based on the color characteristics of the eye’s iris. According to iridologists, they can use iris diagnosis to diagnose diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism or gout and treat patients accordingly.

Cameras for Iridography

The contour hood on the microscope camera ensures that the camera is close to the eye. Thanks to the built-in LED illumination – two white and two yellow LEDs – you can easily create good images without external light sources. The yellow LEDs are used to provide better dark iris images. Practitioners can view iris images directly on the screen of a computer or laptop with Windows or MacOS or Windows tablets, proving the versatility and mobility of the IriScope.

Dino Lite Iriscope

iridology software use in mac iridology camera for IOS iridoscopio

Direct patient involvement in diagnosis

Frederike Otger, a naturopathic practitioner from The Hague, The Netherlands, has been using the IriScope for some time: “It’s a handy, simple microscope camera that takes clear pictures of the eye and iris. With the adjustable magnification, I can focus correctly on the eye and find the smallest irregularities, and my own patients and I are very happy to be able to view the images directly on the screen so that the patient can be more involved in the diagnosis and can provide better feedback.
For the naturopathic practitioner, Iriscope is affordable, compact and easy to use. Images can be stored digitally in patient files. Frederike Otger: “The combination of tablets makes the IriScope an excellent tool to emphasize the modern features of my naturopathic practice.”

Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope


How do I use Dino Lite Iriscope software?

1. Install the software.
Connect the orange USB key with your PC.
3Open desktop “CadiCV Advance Analysis System English Version”.

1) Use select “User”, password: 111111, then click: “Login”.
2) Click on “Client Tools” and enter your client’s information. If you can, click “Add” and then click “Close”.
3) Click “Capture Right Eye”. –Click on “Capture”.
4) Repeat the last step for the left eye.
5) Select the eye picture (right eye picture/left eye picture)
6) Click on “Analysis”
(7) Click on the “Set Parameters” button.
(8) Click the “Iris Analysis” button.
(9) Analyze
Observe the symptoms and iris color selection above the corresponding symptom and night buttons on the software.
For example: Iris photo with cracks and light color.
Select the button “Cracks” and the button “Light” and move the cursor to the cracks on the iris.
Click with the mouse. Report immediately after analysis.
You and add recommendations or products for your customers.
Add —? Analysis —? Left (analyzing the left eye)

10 Save
11 Report – Select Report Name -?html Report or Report Privilege Select Report Name (date name)
12 sheets
13 Delete client
14 Editing Clients

Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope Dino Lite Iriscope


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