does iridology work for fake?


Does iridology work for fake?

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What is iridology?

According to a theory, the iris is a display area of all the nerve fibers terminating in the brain. Hence, the iris is able to sashay any sort of change that takes place in the body, and this is detectable due to the discoloration of the iris. When the iris is examined by a practitioner, the discoloration throws light on the condition of the individual, which then allows for proper medication. Studying the iris to detect ailments is what iridology is all about.

Iridology, broadly defined, is the study of the iris for diagnostic purposes. It is considered to be a pseudoscience, owing to its non-conventional means of healing. Iridology, in other words, is the science of determining the state of the body or the overall well-being of the individual, on the basis of the observations of the iris of the eye. The observations are matched with an iris chart, which then allows for detailed diagnosis of the individual’s health.

Iridologists claim that the iris is capable of not only throwing light on the present health, but also reveals the problems of the past while giving a glimpse to the future health of the individual.

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How it work?

The basis of iridology is a holistic concept well accepted in other fields of alternative medicine, namely that when examined correctly, each part of the body contains information about other parts of the body. In chiropractic medicine, for example, misalignments in the spine are used to diagnose and treat diseases of the internal organs. In Chinese medicine, examinations of the pulse and tongue are regularly included in the diagnostic process. Iridolgists believe that as a degenerative disease slowly develops, the iris will reflect these changes.So iridology, what is it? Basically this is the belief that it’s possible to infer things about the systemic health of a patient by looking at the characteristics of their iris. This uses an iris chart which splits the iris into specific zones which are believed to correspond to particular parts of the body. There are 80-90 zones in total, and the practitioner will use a flash light or slit-lamp microscope in order to look for tissue changes, irregular stromal architecture and articular pigment patterns.

So if the lower part of the iris just before the 6’oclock position demonstrates unusual patterning then this might indicate a problem with the kidneys. This is generally accepted as the designated kidney zone, but it’s worth noting that there are variations from chart to chart regarding which parts of the body refer to which parts of the iris. This should give you a little more idea about just how reliable this process is. Iridologists also look for ‘contraction rings’ and ‘klumpenzellen’ which are claimed to indicate ‘various’ health conditions dependent on context.Conventional physicians also routinely examine the eye for evidence of internal disease. Using an ophthalmoscope to look at the retina of the eye, a doctor can see how diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure are affecting blood vessels. Likewise, a close examination of the iris can give information about high cholesterol and certain metabolic ailments.

Iridologists contend that conventional physicians woefully underutilize the iris as a source of information about an individual’s health status. They point out that the iris itself is one of the most complex organs in the human body. When a photograph of the iris is enlarged, iridologists claim they can get a view of an ultrafine membrane of connective tissue that shows signs of degenerative diseases well before their presence is manifested in larger organs.

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Over the years, many iridology texts have “mapped” segments of the iris to correspond with various internal organs. While this concept is accepted by most American-trained iridologists, it continues to be debated among European practitioners. Although the European iridologists believe that analysis of the eye can indicate a propensity for disease, they point to the lack of evidence for any anatomical correspondence between sections of the iris and specific body parts.

Most American-trained iridologists, however, continue to maintain that the iris is connected to the brain and acts as a control panel, giving readouts on conditions in the various parts of the body. Because thousands of nerve endings make up the iris, they contend, the eye can indeed provide a system of connections to the rest of the body.

does iridology  fake?

Iridology is Awesome! It is one of the best shortcuts to finding out what your body requires nutritionally. Live blood shows what’s in the blood at that moment, and Iridology can give you the information you need BEFORE it becomes a problem.
Therefore, it is an awesome painfree tool which is useful even for kids. You can really see where the weaknesses are.
Iridology is a Science, so it isn’t an ad lib thing.
I studied with Bernard Jensen as well, and he helped over 300,000 people using Iridology, Herbs and Nutrition.
Iridology is the easy part to learn. The expertise comes in knowing what herbs and nutrition are required to balance the body’s weaknesses and imbalances. This means knowing what minerals the body requires and what herbs and foods can replenish and support that.
That my friend,is the Art of Iridology.

Yes it works, when I turned 45 my eyes started to get weak and the eye doctor took a picture of the back of my eyes and said I had no health problems. He said it was a good way to check for diabetes. So Right.

I’m an iridologist, and, yes, it’s one more tool in the toolbox. We iridologists do NOT diagnose (and by law can’t say we do). We analyze basic constitution and tissue states. It’s especially helpful for me because I’m a medical intuitive, and looking into the window to the body/mind/soul is extremely useful.

Iirdology is health window ,so it is real not Fake.



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