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equine iridology chart

equine iridology chart of the Left Eye Iris

equine iridology chart of the Left Eye Iris
Iridology chart for the iris of the left eye defines the many iridology zone details charted to show how iridology relates to tissues & organs of the human body

The equine iridology chart below documents the left eye Iris zones related to tissues and organs in the body from Dr. Bernard Jenson’s charting of Iridology zones. Our Iridologist who studied under Dr. Jensen utilizes the iridology chart to identify possible weaknesses in tissues and organs of the body.
Left Iris

equine iridology chart of the Left Eye Iris

equine iridology chart

What is Rayid Iridology?

What is Rayid Iridology?

Iridology combined with Rayid method is a specialized extensive health and behavioral analysis using this scientific method through the intricate fiber structures in the iris of the eyes by way of the optic nerve, to determine certain states of emotional and physical health. Iridology identifies specific acute, sub-acute, pre-chronic, chronic, degenerative and genetic conditions. This supports in witnessing inflammation, inherent and physical weaknesses, the activity and condition of each body system and organ revealing nutritional deficiencies and other abnormalities, such as: circulatory, respiratory, nervous, urinary, pancreatic, digestive, anemia, nerve tensions, toxemia, glandular disorders, allergens, pathogens, immune and auto-immune disorders, chemical imbalance, congestion, and the body’s unique power of recovery.

Because emotions originate in both the mind and the body, evidence can be witnessed with the combination of Rayid and iridology. This analytical combination offers a more complex interpretation of information simultaneously through bilateral links of mind-body correlations, such as psychosomatic feedback. Through this application, experts can identify psychosomatic disorders, such as and the origin of your physical and emotional conditions. The Rayid aspect of Iridology reveals the psychology, genetic behavior, personality traits, relationship tendencies and behavioral patterns of the individual, and is suggestive of relationship compatibilities, such as its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the practice of Rayid-iridology indicates how to create balance and understanding of oneself, our genetic heritage and relationship interactions.

Like a fingerprint, no two eyes are alike, but as unique as the individual. Utilizing today’s state-of-the-art digital iriscope equipment that displays pictures of each iris on a computer screen or projector gives the Iridologist accurate analysis meanwhile allowing the patient to view or witness areas of weaknesses for themselves. Later, allowing ability to upload new iris photo’s for a comparison during follow-up visits that provides a way for the Iridologist and patient to view and evaluate any progress and healing, or otherwise stressed tissue and body systems that are still in need of healing and correction.

One simple example to observe change is a brown discoloration in the colon area, marking indications of a toxic colon. When proper measures of healing, cleansing and detoxification procedures are taken; obvious indications are evident. This is marked by a reduction or disappearance of the brownish discoloration.

Iridologist Kimberley Fournier says, “As an iridologist in the Wholistic Science field for over 20 years, I’ve studied and analyzed many irises and recorded many findings. The fibers hold the history of our body’s state of wellbeing. The changes are gradual and over time but they do change. Now there is technology that substantiates the science and practice of iridology. Today we can take pictures of the iris and compare before and after; seeing firsthand the changes that take place within the fibers of the iris.


Iridology complements all therapeutic sciences because it provides vital information needed in order to establish the root cause of ailments, revealing the appropriate treatments required. Iridology is a safe, non-invasive analytical science, which can be integrated with both orthodox and complementary medicine.

Iridology has a great use of showing up weak tissue and revealing where and what kind of nutrition is needed for specific correction. Iridology helps the patient learn about their strengths and weaknesses and become more aware of what they can do to help themselves. Attempting to correct a chronic condition is difficult and takes perseverance and dedication to shift into healthier patterns and habits of living. It is much easier to maintain good health than to regain what is lost. The Iridologist will guide the patient as to the best ways of reversing existing conditions and managing genetic weaknesses.

Interpreting iris signs into terms of meaningful information takes skill and practice. Knowledge of the body is respect to its anatomy, physiology, and biochemical activities. Every cell, tissue and organ of the body has nutritional requirements. When this is not provided, certain elements become depleted and the body begins to suffer illness and disease. The iris reflects these needs and the skilled Iridologist can identify them. Dr. Bernard Jensen pioneered the Science of Iridology in the United States. He has completed 50 years of practice and developed one of the most comprehensive iris charts that are still the most accurate chart available today.

equine iridology chart

How to Steer clear of Diagnostic claims?

How to Steer clear of Diagnostic claims?

Clark cautions that there is no scientific proof that any medical conditions can be diagnosed through iridology. “If someone says they can diagnosis anything, they are not someone you need to be working with in dealing with your health,” she warns. “Unfortunately, there are iridologists out there that will tell you they see cancer, parasites, etc. in your iris, but scientific research has proven that you cannot see these things.”

Iridology is certainly a form of complementary medicine that you can incorporate into your comprehensive health care. Utilize it as a screening technique and consult with your regular medical provider on any health issues that an iridologist reveals during an iridology exam.

equine iridology chart

What is Comprehensive Iridology?

What is Comprehensive Iridology?

Comprehensive IridologyTM, was developed, and is accredited, by the International Iridology Practitioners Association. This is a combination of the American and European models of iridology, and it contains the latest up-to-date information on the theory and practice of iridology that is based on current extensive research.

equine iridology chart

Joyfull Become a Certified Iridologist-Advanced Iridology DVD Correspondence Course

Joyfull Become a Certified Iridologist-Advanced Iridology DVD Correspondence Course

Follow up to perform Professional Iridology and become certified. Learn the following:

Review Constitutional Iridology Signs and Perform and Analysis from Beginning to End
Draw the Iris of the Eye.
Perform Iris Analyses from Photos.
Perform Iris Analyses from Drawings of Previous Analyses.
Learn How to Take Iris Photos.
Learn British Iris Signs.
Learn Rayid Iris Signs.
Learn German Iris Signs.
Introduction to Sclerology.
Separate Final Exam – $50

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This Course Includes:
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equine iridology chart

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