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hair analyzer camera


The main function characteristics: appearance novel design
Products around lens coaxial cold light source dynasty, imported component coated

Japan’s 130-million-pixel CCD sensor
Dedicated DSP image processing chip, the electronic anti-shake system
With 3 seconds freeze function, micro-touch control allows you to display a clear

image on the screen of hair
Automatic white balance, fill light, color temperature filter
Can quickly and accurately clearly reflect changes in hair
Selectable video output screen size 640 * 480Pix
Provide storage and printing of customer information reporting
Easy and quick operation.

Rated voltage: DC5V 1.2A
Color: Silver

Dimensions: handle: 157 * 52 * 39
(L * W * H) mm Host: 187 * 110 * 77
Lens: 60 * 40
Trunk: 320 * 105 * 262
Carton: 325 * 112 * 282
FCL: 585 * 302 * 350

Weight (g): Handle: 117
Host: 366
Lens: 35
USB cable: 80.8
Trunk: 1023
Carton: 198.5
Outer carton: 716.6

Single gross weight (kg): 2
FCL Weight (kg): 10.8

Instrument consists of: 1. Host
2. Handle (freeze Jian)
3.4mm (big) lens
4.USB cable
5. exquisite mini Aluminum (more convenient to carry and protect your love machine)
6. The protective lens cover

Packing Accessories: Hair FIG warranty card control disc (driver + software)

Features: 1. connected to the computer to use, can automatically fill light, you

can delete the image re-photographed, CCD crawl speed, high color stability.
“2. The refined appearance small, beautiful, for beauty shop, hair salon use,

better analysis of the nature of hair, which needs maintenance products.

3. You can clearly show the hair cuticle is damaged, the damaged pulp bleaching

hair, hair breakage, fork ……

Note: A hair professional analysis software is recommended to use WINDOWS XP

system, select the display resolution 1024 * 768 pixels
B. Before installing the hair Scanner Driver, please completely remove already

installed on your computer imaging device driver
C. Failure to follow the instructions to install the proper equipment, resulting in

damage to the instrument is not covered under warranty (such as: handle wire

interface inserted backwards, broken Rui)

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iridology camera applications(Where need it?):

1,Health products distributor

2 distributor of health products, health products stores and counters

3, health product manufacturers and research institutes,

4 health care centers, beauty salons, beauty salons and beauty teaching institutions

5, sub-health counseling

.6 care clinics,

7 nutrition guidance counselors, other industries

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9.Support operating system:xp/vista/win7/Win8/Win10/win11/apple mac os (32bits and 64 bits) etc.


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