Here’s a Quick Way to iridología simplificada pdf


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Here’s a Quick Way to iridología simplificada pdf

como afecta el color del iris en la salud

iridología simplificada pdf

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What is  Iridologia?

É a ciência que estuda a íris do olho, de modo que através desta análise é possível diagnosticar doenças. Esta técnica é usada na medicina natural ou alternativa e sua tradição já esta presente há muito tempo na China e Grécia, e vem se aperfeiçoando cada vez mais. Foi o médico homeopata, o Dr. Ignatz Von Peczely. que no século XIX, criou a iridologia ocidental.

A iridologia irá atuar descobrindo eventuais desequilíbrios no organismo. Esta técnica permite o terapeuta olhar através da íris todo o funcionamento do organismo.

Com a diagnose pode-se verificar se o paciente apresenta alguma doença ou disfunção, ou até se expressa uma inflamação no órgão. Muitos iridologistas afirmam que através da íris é possível detectar a saúde como um todo.

iridología simplificada pdf iridología simplificada pdf

How can iris analysis benefit my clients?

Iridology is used by healthcare professionals to help their clients better understand their own individual needs, such as their unique genetic predispositions and the lifestyle factors that may have contributed to their current situations. It can also help your clients learn what areas of their body may need support to increase vitality or to regain balance.

By sharing this information with your clients, you will be able to assist them in determining how to best maintain their health through a lifestyle that focuses on wellness and prevention.

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How ridology work?

Iridology is the study of the iris as associated with disease. The ‘iris’ of the eye, is the most complex tissue structure in the human anatomy, which is the exposed nerve endings that makes up the colored part of the eye. From the time we are conceived the iris and all its fibers are formed along with the brain before any other organ is developed, making the eyes an extension of the brain endowed with thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscle and other tissues.  The iris is connected to the tissue of the body by way of the brain and nervous system. The branched nerve fibers (such as dendrites) receive their impulses by their connections to the optic nerve and spinal cord.  Nerve fibers in the iris respond to changes in body tissues by manifesting a reflex physiology that corresponds to specific tissue changes and locations, by way of line patterns, fiber structure and color changes in the iris. By this means the body’s inherited and/or acquired state of health sends neural reflexes to the fibers within the iris causing groups of fibers to change by way of line patterns, characteristics, shapes, structures, forms and color in the iris and that is what an Iridologist studies.

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