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Who holistic iridology?

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The International Institute of Iridology® was founded on the principles of providing ethical and quality education for those seeking the leading edge information in iridology. For over a quarter of a century the Institute has maintained a high level of professionalism and excellence and expects the same from the students who enter into the program of study in Holistic Iridology® This dynamic system of Holistic Iridology® is being incorporated into the curriculum of many universities, colleges, academies and schools around the world. These educational institutions are focused on teaching naturopathy, prevention and natural modalities of healthcare. We at the International Institute of Iridology® look forward to you studying with us, earning your world class, professional credential, becoming a Diplomate of Holistic Iridology® and joining the vanguard of professional holistic iridologists. Currently, the Institute has students and graduates in over 50 countries on 6 continents around the world.

Why holistic iridology?

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Over the past forty plus years, there has been a growing awareness that we are much more than physical beings. Science and the awakening human consciousness both are responsible for this increased awareness. The human experience includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects that are intimately interactive. Historically, over the past 3,000 years, the practice of iris analysis was done from only a physical perspective. Holistic Iridology® is an advanced system that encompasses not only the interpretation of genetic influences on the physical (symptoms) but also on the conscious and subconscious spiritual (connection to the Divine), mental (thoughts) and emotional (feelings) aspects of the soul’s journey throughout its lifetime. Further, it is known that unhealthy thoughts and emotions adversely affect our DNA as well as our physical health with dis-ease and disease. Getting to the root causes and healing them on all levels is the key. You are capable of reprogramming the DNA code to transmute ancestral issues that are not healthy or not for your highest good. Holistic Iridology® is a powerful tool of analysis, not diagnosis, to help you and others on the journey of life.

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What is holistic iridology?

Iridology is the science and practice of analyzing the Iris to reveal levels of health, inflammation, toxicity, and degeneration in the human body.  Iridology provides a painless, economical, yet accurate means of assessing the body for early detection of health imbalances for preventive healthcare.

The Iris is the most complex yet visible external tissue structure of the human anatomy.  It is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the brain and nervous system and is in direct contact with the bio-energetic, biochemical, structural, hormonal,and metabolic processes via the nerves, blood vessels, muscle fibers, and lymph.The iris will alert us to the early signs of approaching dis-ease.

The iris is considered to be your UNIVERSAL BLUEPRINT!  Everyone’s eyes are completely unique.  I can determine emotional challenges, genetic influences, personality patterns, time lines, and even tell you the deeper Soul level issues you are here to MASTER in this lifetime!  It can be very insightful and inspiring. Everyone should have thier eyes analyzed at least once, if not yearly!

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As the evaluations are made and understood, proper corrective measures can be applied. The body can then more easily adjust and alleviate the abnormal stress or weakness resulting in a greater  degree of health and avoiding any threatening disease.

What to expect for your Iridology Analysis – A series of 16-18 state-of-the-art magnified digital images will be taken of your irises and sclera (white portion) of the eye.  These images will be brought up immediately on the computer screen for you to view. I will go over each photo with you to outline your genetic strengths and weakness, as well as possible accumulations, such as: overacid body pH, cholesterol/inorganic salt plaque build-up, toxic accumulations, mucous or lymphatic congestion, or uric acid build up, and nutritional and digestive needs.  This over-all body picture is an advantageous step in directing your health program to both strengthen and prevent.

I will listen to all of your health concerns and do an intake form regarding your dietary habits, bowel habits, past and present medical history and symptoms.

The sclera (whites)  gives us more immediate information regarding current pathology and conditions in the body.  This is also where healing signs will show up first making quality photograph records important for comparisons.  We may see varying levels of congestion, arterial build-up, fatty build-up, the immune system compromised, encapsulation or tumors forming, tissue hardening, drug settlement in organs, or insufficiency in organ function, and many other signs.  Serious warning signs can be seen before the symptoms have become manifest.

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Natural Therapies  – After a complete Iridology analysis (using the latest digital Iriscope camera with microscope), Dr. Jane Smolnik draws upon her wide background of knowledge, skills and effective healing techniques to put together a comprehensive preventive health program for each individual using a holistic approach for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Determining any specific nutritional deficiencies, dietary considerations, imbalances and bodies needs, together we can address root causes and build a healthy foundation for LIFE!  Nutrition, vitamins, cleansing, herbs, supplements, flower essences, and other modalities may be part of your personalized recommended program to guide the individual toward optimal wellness.

This is an invaluable service to those seeking natural, preventive health care!


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