How does the iris illustrate the whole body?


The iris illustrates the whole person, including the whole body and the whole mind. Individual traits are identified at two levels, static and dynamic.

The static traits are the constitutional qualities as shown by the overall structure and color of the iris, and the dynamic traits are indicated by small changes in the iris during the person’s life. More advanced methods can be applied for identifying the past chronology of accumulated iris markings. Dynamic iris traits are primarily localized color change due to pigmentation buildup. Less common and slower to show are textural changes, which are usually secondary to iris dystrophy.

The iris is like a chalkboard which does not get erased. Typically the human iris starts out with a clear blue color and soon becomes brown in the more melanized individual or remains blue in the less melanized one. During subsequent life, color is slowly added to the iris via melanogenesis. The color may be added in spots or in diffuse patterns, it is a cumulative process, and much of the pigmentation takes place in the first decade of life. The way that color is added via selective melanogenesis to the iris one is born with, is like a unique signature applied throughout life to one’s own custom watermarked letterhead.

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