How I iridology treatment and How You Can Too?


How I iridology treatment  and How You Can Too?

What is iridology?

iridology treatment

The Philosophy

True healing involves bringing light to the dark places in an individual’s life. Iridology literally does bring light into the dark places of the iris.

Darkness in any lesion of the iris corresponds to pathology in specific areas in the body. With the right life choices, nutrition, exercise, natural treatments, white healing lines replace the darkness, indicating that healing is taking place in the tissues.


Iridology is a Whole-Holistic Medicine and Art form that diagnoses the reflex conditions in the iris corresponding to pathology and health in the body.

The Iris is a window to the human body. When we look into the iris, we look at the organs, tissues and the whole function of the body in symphony – an instrument of a million strings representing each player individually as well as the entire orchestra.

Iridology Analysis, Assessment, Treatment and Health

Iridology is the analysis of the iris, the coloured disk of the eye.  It is often wrongly referred to as diagnosis.  To diagnose is to put a name to your disease, but as Hippocrates said, it’s more important to know the person that has the disease, than to know the disease the person has.

Iridology shows us the individual constitution and can highlight the pathway to ill-health, alert us to our hidden threats, reveal our strengths, and thereby illuminate our true potential for self-healing.  See Iridology chart.

Iridology enables a practitioner to assess individuals health predispositions whether they be positive or negative. It provides an in depth analysis of the efficiency or otherwise of the body’s various systems and the location of toxic or irritative conditions, revealing root causes of disease. In this way Iridology represents a veritable method for preventative medicine.

The eye is not only ‘the mirror of the soul’ but it also frequently reveals abnormal conditions and changes in every organ and part of the body. Nerve fibres of the iris are connected to the brain via the hypothalamus. Thus we have a visible extension of the brain.

The organs of the body are represented in the iris of the eye in well defined areas and by means of various marks, signs, abnormal colours or discolourations, we are able to reveal an individual’s heredity or constitution.

Iridologists assess colour and fibre structure variations to assess the constitutional strength of the physical body, as well as aspects of personality which can be influenced by conscious and subliminal emotional patterns.

The colour and pattern of your eyes is a reflection of your unique genetic inheritance from three generations behind you. How you develop your dispositions depends on the way you eat, drink, think, live and love.

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Iridology Chart can show




The Way It Works

The eye is an extension of the brain, this most complex tissue of the body meets the outside world. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body via the brain and nervous system. As mentioned earlier, the enormous amount of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels and the sensitive tissue are linked directly to the rest of the body. Not only is every organ located within the eye; the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems are also located within the iris as well.
Unhealthy living, toxins from caffeine, prescription drugs and fried foods appear in your eyes in the form of yellow /brown discoloration within the colon. Creating a positive lifestyle can result in a visible change through the eyes. It is has documented the eyes can change colors directly in response to healthier lifestyle choices. An interesting fact to consider is eye color. Believe it or not, it is an important indicator of a predisposition to certain conditions. For example. Blue eyed people may be prone to inflammatory conditions while brown eyed people may be prone to congestive disorders. Additionally, the eyes are not a blank slate at birth. Rather, it can show genetically inherited weaknesses and chemical deposits from mother. The recommended age to reliably read the iris is 6 years old.

Iridology Treatment

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Nutrition plays an important part in iridology, when your body is weak it is susceptible to attack from virus and disease, if the body has a nutritional deficiency it will be weakened and the deficiency shows in the iris. After an iridologist has studied your iris pattern they may recommend a natural nutritional program to you that will restore the nutritional balance and strengthen you body. Iridology will not show a specific disease but it will show if their is a weakness in a certain area often before any symptoms have started so you can take preventative measures.

The iris surrounds the center, or pupil. Light enters through the pupil and is focused by the lens into an image on the retina. The nerves of the iris are connected to a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus.

The left eye is believed to correspond with the left side of the body and the right eye with the right side of the body. In general, the higher organs like the brain are at the top of the iris and the lower organs like the kidneys are at the bottom.

In reading the iris there are several characteristics that are studied. These include, layers, colours, rings and spots.


The theory of Iridology is that the iris is constructed in layers that represent the four stages of tissue activity.
Acute changes
Sub-acute changes
Chronic changes
Degenerative changes
By visualizing which layer has the defect, one can then decide what the nature of the problem is

There are three main eye types –

Blue-Eyed Type (Lymphatic): At increased risk for problems with the upper respiratory tract, digestive tract, urogenital tract, lymphatic tissues, joints, kidneys and adrenal gland imbalances.

Mixed-Eye Type (Biliary): This type has discolorations (usually light brown) on top of a blue background. They are at Increased risk for liver related problems, digestive tract problems and allergies.

Brown-Eyed Type (Hematogenic): This type is predisposed to blood disorders and imbalances of minerals, especially calcium. This type should pay attention to the circulatory system, liver, spleen, bone marrow, digestive system and endocrine glands.

Colours over certain areas on the iris correspond to the area of the body as indicated by the maps. You can then decide what types of changes are occurring.
White indicates an area of the body working hard to “maintain.”
Yellow-white indicates an area of the body losing a battle.
Yellow indicates poor kidney function; yellow sclera (white part of the eye) suggest gallbladder disease.
Orange indicates problems metabolizing carbohydrates and weakness in the liver and/or pancreas. Glucose levels should be checked.
Red-brown indicates deterioration.
Brown indicates poor liver function and “dirty blood.”


Iridology analysis can help tune the treatment by Natural Medicine and help us understand their inherited strengths and weaknesses, thereby becoming more personally aware of how to support their present and future health. In Russia, a trial involving 800,000 patients found Iridology to be 85% accurate in diagnosis and is taught to medical students in some European universities.

Iridology is especially useful in assessing the state of the digestive system, being able to distinguish between an under acidic or over acidic stomach and clarify the state of bowel health and tension.

Iridology can often help establish the root cause of disorders and thus aids the choice of effective treatment without expensive laboratory tests.
The Iris displays, much like a television screen, every single stimulus from the body the brain receives. Since the nervous system connects the iris directly with the brain, the ability to not only view the quality of the connective tissue, but also the functioning of the nervous systems makes Iridology an extremely powerful tool. It is for this reason that any change in the body’s functions, or any disturbance in homeostasis can be seen and interpreted.

The main aim of iridology is to keep you healthy by recognizing early signs of possible problems and recommending holistic and natural treatments to prevent them from developing into more serious problems.

It is important to understand that iridology is simply a method of diagnosis & analysis – it is not a therapy or treatment. It is however an effective alternative system of diagnosis which helps practitioners better understand & treat their patients & build a diagnosis.

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