How to Price an Iridology Practitioner



Iridology is a method of diagnosis in alternative medicine wherein a patient’s physical health is determined by examination of the iris of his eye. Iridologists claim that tissue changes in different areas of the iris correspond to damage and disease in different organs and systems throughout the body. Practitioners use iridology to diagnose a wide variety of diseases and ailments, including heart, liver and kidney diseases, injuries, problems with metabolism and stress. Follow these steps to price a practitioner.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Find and Price the Right Iridology Practitioner

Things You’ll Need



Step One

Look forward to a painless and interesting appointment. The process of iridology is simple and pain-free, requiring only a bright light shone into the eyes for a few moments.

Step Two

Contact a prospective iridologist by phone or by email to ask about his or her rates. Also take note of her or his demeanor. A reading from an iridology practitioner is usually fairly inexpensive.

Step Three

Be aware of the difference between medical iridology, which is used to diagnose the physical health of the patient, and spirit/soul iridology, which examines a patient’s personality and emotional state. Be sure the iridology practitioner you visit practices the specific type of iridology you’re most interested in. Many practitioners perform both types of iridology.

Step Four

Learn more about this alternative medicine at the “International Iridology Practitioners Association” (IIPA) Web site (see Resources below). Ask for a list of IIPA-certified iridology practitioners in your area.

Step Five

Contact the practitioners who work closest to your home or office or who come most highly recommended. You can get recommendations from friends, chat rooms or organizations like IIPA.

Step Six

Choose a practitioner based on the right combination of experience, price and demeanor. Don’t be afraid to ask the iridologist for references if that will make you more comfortable.

Step Seven

Make an appointment. If the price is right and the experience is positive, consider returning for follow-up appointments.


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