I am still discovering iridology


I am still discovering iridology and I live in an area which has no iridologists. I have a question and I hope it doesn’t sound dumb. A while back, I had a waitress who has the most beautiful eyes. They were brigtht blue and looked like they had a silver tint. I’d never seen that before. I thought that I had imagined the silver color, but recently I noticed that the late Jonathan Brandis also had that silver tint in his eyes. Does anyone on this page know what causes it?

Hayley Porter She’s got a pretty clean system
Michael Tevault Hayley Porter, what supplements would you reccomend for enhancing iris color?
London Do you mean a silver tint in the stomach/digestive zone? Would look to see what enzymes might be needed to help digestion. May also be an overly acidic stomach, which is probably rare, but betaine, pepsin, hcl may need to be augmented.
Weaver could be metals? the pic up there has a lot of lymph nodes roseri , stagnant lymph ring,, lots of mucus looks to me

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