An alternative diagnostic method which some claim is well on the way to becoming the medicine of the future. But what is Iridology and what are the pros and cons of this holistic approach?

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the iris (portion of eye showing colour) as a method of diagnosing a persons physical and psychological condition. It is the analysis of the patterns, texture, colour and location of various pigment flecks in the eye. Iridologists claim that the whole body is reflected in the eye because this is where the entire nervous system comes to the surface. Different segments of the iris are correlated with parts of the body.

Origins of Iridology

Igndz Von Peczely, a Hungarian physician who as a child accidently broke the leg of an owl and noticed a black line that rose in the lower part of the owl’s eye. When the owl regained its health, Von Peczely observed the appearance of crooked white lines across the black area of the owls eye. After this incident, Von Peczely continued his study of the irises of many patients and developed the first iris chart, which has been researched and revised over the years.


– Toxic accumulation levels, chemical and nutritional imbalances can be observed.

– Can reveal over-activity, irritation, injury or de-generation of tissues and organs

– Can bring awareness of how to prevent illness

– Safe and non-invasive therapy

– Has a success rate of between 80-90% according to the London School Of Iridology


– Iridology will not show or name a specific disease

– Be wary of inadequately trained amateurs

– Will not reveal parasites, gallstones or germlife


The consultation takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour or more dependant upon personal requirements. The iridologist will examine the irises of your eyes using either a slitlamp (equipment also used by optometrists) or penlight and magnifying glass. Many will also obtain photographs of the iris with a specially designed camera, then enlarge it prior to diagnosis. Cost varies from 40 pounds onwards.

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