Did one of your relatives have high blood pressure? How about alcoholism, mental illness or high cholesterol? Perhaps the very colour of your eyes could reveal if you are apt to go down that same road.

Iridologists find that the markings and changing lines in a person’s iris can be traced to show an oncoming sickness or an inherited predisposition. It is a preventative practice with the belief that if the Iridologist can detect a problem in the eyes, then the person can seek the appropriate treatment from a specialist, thereby saving time, money, and a misdiagnosis. It has been said that the eyes are the mirror to the soul, and even the great Hippocrates examined his patient’s eyes for signs of disease, in fact even today during a routine check up the doctors is likely to shine a light in your eyes and look for signs of distress. Both diabetes and high blood pressure affect the blood vessels in the eyes, and, using an ophthalmoscope, your physician can track these changes.

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