iridology asia Association Introduction


iridology asia Association Introduction

iridology asia Association Introduction

1. Association Introduction:
Introduction of Iridology International Health Association
International Iridology Health Association was registered as Hong Kong legal organization, and it has changed its name from International Iridology Association to Iridology International Health Association, it is a public association which is made up of international iridology researchers, experts and fans.

2. The brief of association:
We aim to promote the development and spread of iridology, and propagate Chinese culture of health care, and so all we can to serve human��s mental and physical health. We cooperate with researchers in and abroad, and pursue the combination of natural science and iridology, stimulate the wide-spread of iridology, improve human��s health and life quality, strengthen society peace and family happiness, ensure the flourishing social culture, enhance the development of mental culture and physical culture.

3. Association��s Main target:
Through the research of iridology, we would set up a prevention mode for health adhere to our native, improve race��s health consciousness and the health culture with 5000 years.  And establishing the consciousness technology is the first productivity, in order to extend the scope of iridology and discover the myth of iridology.
(1)    Combine and spread iridology and traditional Chinese medicine, so as to develop the subject of health care and help people to learn more about prevention of disease.
(2)    Take iridology, health education and so on as direction and the most important target of our targets, take human first, faith first as our principle, establish the consciousness of service and development, promote the practice of iridology, foster consultants who are professional in this area and analyzers who meet the need of social market. And we aim to make our association famous in the society through our constant diligence, bring the health to every family.

5. Association��s detailed operation:
Iridology International Health Association would start all kinds of activities regularly and without day, include discussing important academy subject and spreading the results of technology, holding all kinds of iridology training, widespread the scientific knowledge of iridology and the health education of iridology, improving members�� and consultants�� academy level and business level, foster large quantities of iris consultants and technology service practitioner. In addition, we plan to publish periodical, books and reference about wide spreading iridology and science step by step, and we will try to discover, recommend and give reward to outstanding research achievement, research academy and scientific work about iridology. Moreover, we will start international academy activity; strengthen the contact with foreign iridology association and iridology practitioner. We will show the most advanced information in this area to inform all the iridology consultants as quickly as possible, so as to improve consultants�� skill level and the ability of analysis, and our association plan to foster 200 specific practitioners from 2008 to 2009. In order to advocate health all over the world, and get rid of the mind that no disease means healthy, give all the people a brand new sight of health, and pursue the health trend together.

6. Qualification of Association Member:
Anyone support Communist Party of China��support Socialism and have good moral, and he or she who are interested in iridology and health business would like to join us. Anyone has the attitude of serving and actively support the work of association. All the people adhere to the conditions above could become our member under the allowance of council chairman.
Iridology International Health Association Member could learn the latest technology information around the world in advance; include Association Web, periodical and so on. In addition, members could have the face-to-face opportunities to communicate with foreign experts. Associations will organize members to attend different activities regularly, and help members to deal with all kinds of certificate and related attestation. In addition, we would like to help all the members to start business. Our association would like to help all the members to set up international platform for study, and we wish all the organization and person to attend actively.

7. Development of Iridology International Health Association
Iridology International Health Association, used to be called International Iridology Association till 2007.
It is made up of the chairman, vice-chairman, director-general, secretary-general and members.
The team of experts is made up of top iridology experts in and abroad, they are professional, experienced in this area, and they are the leader of this industry. They would like to make iridology well-known around the world, and every family is familiar with it, and they would contribute themselves to the business of human health.
1998-East Iridology Research Center was found in Hong Kong, it is the earlier research establishment.
2001- East Iridology Research Center changed its name into East Iridology Association; it is the earlier iridology training center.
2002-The first textbook about iridology ��Illustration of Iridology�� was published; this was the first uniform lessons for iridology training.
2003-East Iridology Research Center changed its name into Iridology Asia Association, and it was registered and set up in Hon Kong.
2006-Iridology Asia Association changed its name into Iridology International Association and it was registered and set up in Hong Kong.
2007- Iridology International Association cooperated with China Sub-Health Association Attached to CPAM in order to widespread iridology, and Iridology International Association changed its name into Iridology International Health Association.
2008-Iridology International Health Association roundly started Iridology skill training and widespread iridology health education, and we are allowed to award related certificate like CETTIC, Dietitian Certificate, and Health Manager Certificate and so on. We insist providing the best technology direction and the advanced technology consulting service to iridology fans and researchers, and providing the top-grade international communication platform, assembling top-grade iridology elites, fostering more top-grade iridology elite, in order to stimulate the wide-spread of iridology technology, improve the mind of people��s health care, make contribution to human��s health business.

10. Other
10.1.Amending the Principles
A.      With the agreement of more than 2 thirds of all the members, or 3 fourths of the board of Director-General, the proposal could be handed up to the board of Director-Genera.
B.      All the suggestion for amending of association��s principles need to be discussed by the board of Director-General, and then the suggestion will be handed up to member meeting. With the agreement of more than 2 thirds of all the attendance, it passes.
C.      The Amended information need to be made public 2 weeks before the member meeting.
D.     The amended association��s principle will be read be members in 4 weeks, if nobody opposes, the new principle will be considered as legal principle. If somebody opposes it with enough reasons, the board of Director-General will hold member meeting to discuss about it again.
The information of this part will be seen as formal only when it has passed the formal meeting of the board.

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