iridology brisbane


What iridology brisbane?

iridology brisbane

Iridology is the study of the iris, or coloured part of the eye. The iris reveals changing conditions for every organ or gland in the body. Through various marks, signs and discolouration in the iris, nature reveals inherited weaknesses and strengths. Iridology cannot detect a specific disease however it can tell an individual if they have over- or under-activity in specific areas of the body.Iridology can help to find the cause of illnesses. It looks at your inherited tendency to particular health problems. But by finding the cause you can then help that problem now or prevent potential problems happening.Iridology is safe, non-invasive and painless. It is not a treatment therapy but rather a diagnostic tool used to detect underlying signs of developing disease. The goal of Iridology is therefore to recognise health problems at their earliest stages and to suggest ways to keep disease from developing.Iridology is the study of the body and its health status by examining the markings and colour of the eye.



This examination can be useful for anyone interested in the possible weaknesses and functioning of their body, if you are of good health or suffering from illness.The Iris reflects the present state of the body, examining the iris can provide insights into disease tendencies, overactivity and underactivity of specific organs, inflammation and emotional states that may have been inherited or acquired through poor lifestyle choices. Conditions in the iris which are revealed today are generally not detected in the body for years to come.Early detection of chronic illness before it shows up on any test can provide an early opportunity for the condition to be treated before it develops into an unmanageable condition. Iridology can be used as a complimentary tool to determine possible potential health problems, enabling the patient/client to take further action, eg Doctor referral, Dietary / Lifestyle changes and further investigative testing. Iridology is the science of analysing the structure, texture and colour of the many thousands of nerve fibres, microscopic blood vessels, lymphatic system, muscles and other tissue which make up the eye. Analysis can determine inflammation, congestion, tissue health and vitality within the body. Iridology is another assessment tool to take into consideration with other investigations.Results and findings are obtained on the spot and give you a greater understanding of your constitution (genetic make-up) and weakness’s within certain body tissues.

Many find it very interesting to find out about current, past or potential future disease processing that may be seen within the iris. For example, some individuals have strong and tight iris fibers (coloured part of the eye), which may indicate strength. Whereas, others have open fibers (wavy fibers) indicating tissue weakness.

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How to work iridology brisbane?

An image of your iris is taken with a specialised camera which can be viewed on a computer screen, allowing you to see details of the irises unique markings. These unique markings can give information about your state of health, disease tendencies and ability to recuperate from illness. A copy is generated for your records with a written report of the findings, and suggested changes and supportive tools.

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What can do the iridology brisbane?

Digestive issues / Leaky Gut
Cardio vascular issues
Nervous system function
Vitamin / Mineral imbalances
Toxicity of each organ
Organ functionality
Behavioural tendencies, (born with, blue print of your personality)
Skin problems

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iridology brisbane iridology chart Iridology Chart international iridology practitioners association chart


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