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What is iridology?

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he eyes are closely connected to the brain. Actually, the eyes are an extension of the brain, just like a computer monitor showing the output of data produced in the hard drive.The brain is the central computer for the body. It recognizes, transforms and processes all activities and information (ie. shock, trauma, stress) both internally and externally into biochemistry.The iris, which is the coloured part of the eye, is like a map showing the specific position of organs and types of tissue and its changes. Communication between the iris and the brain occurs through impulses to the nerve fibre in the eye, the optic nerve and the spinal chord.Any changes in the body can be seen in the iris up to two years before a physical manifestation occurs.

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Human eye. macro

Human eye. macro

For Your Appointment with Lisa Taylor, Iridologist and Natural Health Consultant in Calgary Alberta, call (403) 879-1734. Iridology is a non-invasive (painless) and surprisingly accurate alternative preventative healing practice. A competent Iridologist can look into the irises and sclera of a patient’s eyes to determine what imbalances or disease may be present in their body and may even possibly predict future developments of health problems if left un-addressed. The study and practice of Iridology is expanding swiftly since it was discovered in the mid-1800’s and is becoming known as a valuable tool for preventive health measures. Researched by numerous doctors and scientists on humans over the last 125 years or so, Iridology is becoming a respected practice and is used by many naturopaths and medical doctors worldwide. A large and diverse group of medical doctors, naturopaths, researchers and psychologists from Canada, United States, Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia using today’s technology in microscopes and fine digital imaging, have been furthering the frontiers of the iris analysis field over the last 20 years . The potential seems unlimited at this point! How Iridology in Calgary Can Help You to Improve Your Health Nature has provided an excellent window into our health through our eyes. The iris is the colourful circle surrounding the pupil. The sclera is the white area around the iris. Both of these areas reflect in great detail the condition of the body. The iris is one of the most complex structures in the human body and is connected to all your organs and tissues though the brain-nervous system.

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In a holistic sense, iridology and sclerology are used to precisely gauge any abnormal physical patterns and weaknesses in your body. The Iridology Chart is a Powerful Tool in the Hands of this Calgary Iridologist Iridologists consult an Iridology Chart to map the areas of concern in a patient’s irises and sclera. As a result of the persistent and thorough research previously mentioned, Iridology has developed one of the most comprehensive iris charts used in modern times. Ms. Taylor, one of the most popular Iridologists Calgary has, looks for particular colours and ‘markings’ that correspond to the iridology chart of all your organs. This chart is like a map of your internal organs. Black markings are of primary concern for an Iridologist; and the first sought after as they can indicate the presence of imbalance or disease. Iridologists can also pinpoint areas of inflammation by the appearance of white dots or lines. Organ spasms can be represented by rings and arcs in the iris as well. Most Iridologists, as does Ms. Taylor, also use Sclerology as part of the basis of their assessments. Sclerology is the study of the whites of the eyes as they correspond to a client’s health. Red lines, colorations, and markings in the sclera can reveal mounting health problems in the body. Each eye relates to different sides of the body thereby giving you different information. The left eye represents the right brain and the left side of the body. The right brain is our creative and emotional self. The right eye represents the right side of the body and the left side of the brain, which is our logical, practical and mathematical self. Ms. Taylor, as any good iridologist would do, upon the discovery of an ailment, would make the recommendation to get it confirmed by your doctor. In addition to your doctor’s instructions, as a herbalist, Lisa can guide you in the use of proper herbs, vitamins and minerals to support those orders to fine tune your health for your optimal well-being! Many people find the lack of needles, drugs and perhaps a lengthy waiting period for results comforting. As an alternative method of determining them in one’s body, Lisa Taylor, expert in iridology, can pinpoint ailments immediately without the typically involved and maybe invasive medical testing.
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