iridology chart left eye


iridology chart left eye



iridology of left chart

Iridology chart for the iris of the left eye defines the many iridology zone details charted to show how iridology relates to tissues & organs of the human body

The Iridology Chart below documents the left eye Iris zones related to tissues and organs in the body from Dr. Bernard Jenson’s charting of Iridology zones.  Our Iridologist who studied under Dr. Jensen utilizes the iridology chart to identify possible weaknesses in tissues and organs of the body.

IRIS-ANATOMY-7-BLUE-EYE-with-lucanae-traced-and-arrows IRIS-ANATOMY-7-BLUE-EYEwith-overlay-300x296 IRIS-ANATOMY-7-BLUE-EYEwith-overlay-1024x1011

Iridology: Beneficial For Life


Iridology is beneficial for life because it allows you to know the possibilities for your genetic predispositions.  In iridology, the eye is mapped like a clock on the wall.  Look at the 6:00 position on the eye to the left.  Notice the two tiny black spots.    Now, look at the 10:00 position.  See the larger oval dark blue area.  These areas can indicate damage to organs due to lifestyle choices.  The picture beside it has these areas circled in red.  The third picture has an iridology chart laid over the eye.  This chart allows the iridologist to see which organs are located at the 6:00 and 10:00 positions that may be stressing in some way as indicated by the black spots and dark blue oval at those locations.  Using this process, iridology can be very beneficial as it can make you aware of opportunities to strengthen organs that may have been damaged by life style choices such as smoking, pharmaceutical drugs and not drinking enough water.

You can use the knowledge gained from iridology to make life style choices that will build strength in your body instead of feeding into possible genetic predisposition.




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