iridology eye examples



65 year old woman had hepatitis as a child
Note all the fibres going in the wrong direction indicating scar tissue in the liver between 37 and 42 minute mark
Also scar tissue showing in the right kidney around the 30 min mark
Very dark thick circle around the pupil border  indicating a problem with very low HCL acid in the stomach. This could cause problems with bloating and flatulence after a high protein meal.


When there are many brown spots showing in the eye it is a warning to look after the liver over your lifetime. Avoid diets high in fats and alcohol as there is a tendency for the formation of gallstones. This is a picture of a 51 year old female who had to have her gallbladder removed 3 months previously. The gallbladder shows some white inflammation/pain lines.
Look at the shape of the pupil. It is very irregular showing a weakness of the spine and misalignment.

Heart and Prostate

71 year old male seen at the Woodford Folk Festival 2010
Lacunae with active inflammation [white colour] around its edges at the 15 minute mark halfway between iris border and pupil shows recent inflammation. Heart attack 2009, stent placed in artery. High Homocysteine and cholesterol. Classic diamond shaped aorta weakness sign seen at 10 minute mark.
Prostate cancer, prostate removed 2010. Signs seen at 35 minutes

Trauma of the liver and Gallbladder

Here is a patient I saw in Perth who had a major trauma to her liver
Liver was severed in half
Common bile duct was narrowed
Hepatic vein and artery severed
Gallstones. Cholesterol seen as brown spots on eyelid rim.
Severe scar tissue at 7 o’clock around the gallbladder area
Scar tissue gallbladder and the liver areas 7 to 8 o’clock
Parting of the fibres at 8:30 shows trauma to the upper liver

Bone density

Poor bone density can be seen as the white signs at 3 and 9 o’clock
Confirmed by white circle at 12 o’clock show hardening of arteries
Pupil colour is not clear
Thin pupil border indicates thinning spinal discs
Above signs usually not seen until the 60’s or 70’s
Mousy grey shadow around the pupil indicates
low HCL acid in stomach which can cause symptoms of
Bloating and flatulence

Acid stomach

The white circle around the pupil indicates the stomach is too acid
This indicates potential acid reflux, burping, heartburn or hiatus hernia
However there is a small grey shadow on the edge of the pupil border
indicating that the stomach has had to reduce production of HCL acid
Less HCL acid with cause poor iron absorption and
poor protein digestion which could leading to bloating and flatulence
The whole eye is too white indicating high acid levels in the body
This in turn comes from overactivity of the nervous system

True brown eye

True brown eyes from either Asia, Africa or Polynesia
People with brown eyes from European background usually
have an underlying blue eye with layers of toxins on top of the blue
which makes them believe they have brown eyes
When a photo is taken the details of the eye are more easily seen
The true colour of the eye is more clearly seen
Eye colours indicate functional weakness
Fibre weakness indicates structural weakness in the body

Fatty liver in brown eye

Brown eyed people are more prone to problems of the liver
The brown discolouration in the whites of this eye indicate
Fatty liver cells
Fatty liver is not necessarily from excessive alcohol consumption
Although people with this sign tend to be less tolerant  to
Fats and alcohol in their diet
They can tend toward being over or underweight in later life as
do their family members


Four circular lines around the entire iris indicate muscular tension
Dark digestive area around the pupil indicates high toxin levels
This is a blue eye which indicates how high the toxin levels are!
Dark orange outside digest indicates poor blood sugar control
How could this person not get headaches!
Any of the above signs by themselves can cause headaches
Other headaches signs Iridologists looks for are  hormones,
liver and spinal problems

Signs of ageing

White circle around iris is hardening of arteries
White circle around iris can also indicate arthritis
Hazy look to the pupil indicates cataracts forming
Pupil border thinning in some areas showing spinal disc thinning
Many blood vessels in sclera shows poor blood circulation
Brown spots on eyelid rim shows cholesterol high
White clouds moving closer to pupil shows deep lung inflammation
Smokers have the above signs 10 years earlier than non smokers

Fatty liver

Grey colour in digestion indicates
Poor digestion which leads to
Poor liver function which leads to
Fatty liver signs [see brown area in white of eye [3 o’oclock]
Fatty liver can increase cholesterol [see brown spot lower eyelid edge]
Toxins in large intestine leads to auto immune diseases
Birds beak lacunae indicates thyroid weakness in family
Open lacunae are a warning of problems in the uterus and ovary area

Food allergies

This is a blue eye with a very dark area around the pupil
This area is the digestive tract showing poor protein digestion
Notice splits inside the digestive tract
These are leak gut signs
Food particles escape through the gut leaks
The immune system reacts and over time allergies develop to
commonly eaten foods
Wheat is often not tolerated in these people causing bloating

Hardening of arteries

Dense white circle around the outside of the iris indicates
Calcium leaving hard tissues [skeletal system] and settling in
soft tissues like the arteries and joints
This then leads to hardening of the arteries and/or arthritis
Nutrients needed; Brahmi, Ginkgo Biloba, B12, Vit E and Folic acid
These help the brain blood circulation to help prevent strokes
Test for homocysteine levels as well as cholesterol
High homocysteine levels are an increased stroke risk factor

Fibre tissue weakness

Many fibre weaknesses [small holes] indicates
Fibre weaknesses of muscles, joints and/or tendons
Strong need for Vitamin C, Zinc and B vitamins
Vitamin C acts as a matrix/glue for tissues to grow
Zinc is important for all healing and keeping acid low
Acid increases inflammation and slows healing
Vit C, zinc and B vitamins are all used up quickly with stress
Sensitivity to stress is stronger without these nutrients


Spine problems can be seen by the shape of the pupil
Pupils should be perfectly symmetrical
Flat areas indicate tendency for the spine to be out of position
This eye indicates problems with the lumbar vertebrae
Also note fibre weakness at 6 o’clock in the left kidney area
To help the kidneys it is important to have good nerve supply
Lumbar adjustment could help nerve and blood supply to the kidneys
Parallel blood vessel in sclera shows poor circulation in pelvic region


Brown spot on the lower eyelid edge indicates
Family history of cholesterol
Yellow in the iris indicating poor liver function
Dark colours in the digestive tract indicates poor digestion
Grey holes in digestion shows further digestive weaknesses
High toxin levels in the digestion gives more work to the liver
Over worked liver produces poor bile and higher cholesterol levels
Important to help digestion and liver to keep cholesterol low

Scar tissue and inflammation

Many brown spots are a warning of potential gallstones
Brown spots indicate sluggish liver function
Scar tissue in the spleen area [fibre going at 90 degrees to fibres]
Possible past history of major virus/bacterial infection or high fever
Also scar tissue in liver area can indicate past glandular fever
Fibre parting in uterus area shows past problem here
White inflammation sign also seen around bladder area
Possible past history of urinary tract infects

High quality eye

Very strong iris means very strong constitution
Ancestors commonly live into their 80’s and 90’s
This is a 9 out of 10 eye. No fibre partings [lacunae]
Even this near perfect eye has some minor issues with health
Very fine zig zag fibres indicate how busy the nervous system and
therefore how busy the mind is
Strong tendency to anxiety
Meditation is very useful for people with this type of iris

Mucus signs

High acid and mucus levels are a warning to avoid acid and mucus
producing foods such as sugar and dairy products in large amounts
Acid is seen by the white colour on top of the blue eye
Mucus is seen as the white clouds around the outside of the iris
This is the left eye so mucus in the left lungs
Mucus also in the throat and sinus areas
White lines are seen joining the mucus clouds to the lymphatic
system which surrounds the digestive tract outer border

Gallbladder signs

Brown spots indicate sluggish liver
Sluggish liver can cause poor quality bile
This can then lead to gallstones
Gallstones are often seen when there are many spots in the iris
Many of these spots also sit on top of the gallbladder and
bile duct area in the right eye which confirms  the possibility
of gallstones at sometime in this persons life depending on
diet and lifestyle e.g fat and alcohol consumption

Cauliflower sign

Cauliflower pigment indicates a family history of cancer
Shown by a dark brown to black spot with cauliflower texture
Look out for white outside border
Look out for fibre parting [lacunae] near the pigment
This eye shows no white border or fibre parting
This is not an active cancer sign in this patient
Digestive detox needed to reduce toxins and free radicals
High free radicals can lead to DNA damage

Liver spots

Poor protein digestion [orange around the pupil]
Low blood sugars [orange outside of digestive tract]
Liver sluggishness [brown spots over liver area] and
Cramp rings showing tight muscles may lead to
Scar tissue right kidney
Poor blood circulation

Acid eyes

Busy nervous system shown by very fine and wavy fibres
High acid causes inflammation [white over laying the blue]
Busy mind with a lot of thoughts going around in their heads
Tendency to anxiety which can lead to reactive depression
They are typically very sensitive people with very good intuition
Mucus builds up as a barrier agains the acid
Arthritis tendency in old age
Hardening of arteries sign in head area

Nervous System

Busy nervous system shown by very fine and wavy fibres
The acid levels however are less than in the previous iris
Cramp rings [muscle tension rings] showing.
Muscle tension in the body usually in the shoulders and neck
Higher need for magnesium to help relax the muscles
High need for B vitamins
White clouds indicate mucus tendency
Mild blood sugar issues [yellow discolouration]

Classic brown iris

Poor protein digestion e.g. red meat may be difficult to digest
Poor absorption of nutrients may cause deficiencies e.g. iron, zinc, mg
Blood sugar fluctuations e.g. low energy late afternoon
Muscle tension in shoulders and neck with possible headaches
Potential ulceration in the digestive tract [grey holes]

Sample Eye Readings

Here are a few sample eye photos, with the most glaring conditions marked.  These are not comprehensive in any way, but are simply shared to give you an idea of what kinds of markings are visible, and what they signify.


iridology Pit

iridology Pit

iridology Pit


iridology spots

iridology spots 62-2 62-3 62-4

iridology Radii Solaris

iridology Radii Solaris 63-4 64-1 64-2 64-3 64-4

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