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What is Iridology? An Interview By Jane Thurnell-Read

The origins of iridology sound almost like a fairy tale, but they are true. In 1837 a Hungarian boy called Ignatz von Peczely found an owl with a broken leg. He noticed that it had a black mark in its iris (the coloured part of image of Peter and Angelathe eye), and that the mark became paler as the leg healed. Later von Peczely qualified as a medical physician, and he saw that patients with broken legs had similar iris markings. He started examining the irises of his patients and found a correlation between the markings and their illnesses. He began to see that some markings represented a genetic predisposition to a particular type of illness or problem. Out of his studies iridology was born.

I asked Angela and Peter Bradbury to tell me about iridology. They are based in London, but clients fly in from all over the world to visit them and learn more about themselves and their health.
What is iridology?

“It is an analytical tool that has been medically researched – especially in Germany and Russia – using autopsy and, more recently, find an iridologistX-ray and scans to corroborate what has been found through observation. Before an iris sign is accepted within iridology as being indicative of a condition, thousands of cases have to be documented showing the sign correlating with the condition. Iridology shows that there are no hard and fast rules that apply to everyone, that people vary in their strengths and weaknesses, in what diet suits them …. Iridology provides a key to learning about individual susceptibility; it can identify the contributing factors to client’s predicament no matter what their medical label. The analysis looks at mental, emotional, hormonal, organic and chemical factors.”
Who can benefit from it?

“Everyone! We all have genetic strengths and weaknesses, and the iridologist empowers us with our own unique programme so that we can prevent health problems occurring, and minimise the degenerative process. It can help people who have a medical label, but are not making progress with the standard treatment.”
What happens in a typical session?

“First a thorough iris analysis is undertaken, using either a torch and magnifier, or a bioscope. Then the practitioner makes a hand-drawn record of the iris and all its markings. Some iridologists use a digital camera and download the images on to a computer. But many iridologists still prefer the traditional torch and magnifying glass, because it allows the iridologist to inspect the iris in three dimensions rather than two. The digital camera though is very good at showing pupil atonia – not strictly speaking part of iridology – but nevertheless important because it can show parasitic infestation or Parkinson’s disease, for example.

“Once the analysis is complete we type up a report on what we’ve found. While we’re doing that, we get the client to fill in a Cllose-up of iris. Copyright Angela and Peter Bradburyquestionnaire about what’s wrong with them. (The code of ethics for the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International insists that the iris analysis is carried out before the practitioner knows why the client has come to them.)

“The iridologist and the client then look at the symptomatology and the iris analysis, and usually it is obvious what needs to happen next. The practitioner may suggest appropriate treatments themselves, or refer the client to another therapist if they don’t have the relevant qualifications in that field. They often also recommend nutritional or herbal supplements, or changes in diet or life style.

“A couple of examples may help: “We had a client come to us with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). The iris analysis showed metallic poisoning in the jaw, and her pupil atonia showed back problems. We looked in her mouth and saw she had a lot of fillings. We recommended that she go back to her doctor for a blood test, and that she also see an osteopath. She had her amalgam fillings replaced, and had some osteopathic sessions. We recommended herbs to help the mercury removal from her system. She made a full recovery – she had mercury poisoning and back problems not MS!

A teenage boy came to see us with severe stomach pains. Medical testing had not shown anything, and the doctors were beginning to think he was malingering. His iris analysis showed he had problems with his pancreas rather than his liver, so we wrote to his doctors and suggested they should take a closer look at his pancreas. It turned out he had a gall stone stuck in the pancreatic duct, and this meant that the pancreatic juices couldn’t get into the stomach so were eating away the pancreas. This was a potentially life-threatening problem – surgery returned him to good health.”
How often is iridology needed?

“Of course, the first session is the most important and intense. We usually leave further face-to-face consultations for at least three months. Changes in health can happen in less time, but it usually takes at least that amount of time before the changes will show up in the iris. Between appointments we have set phone-in times when clients can call in, and we can monitor their progress.”
How can a good iridologist be found?

“The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International has a list of practitioners, some of whom can be accessed via their web site.”

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