Iridology is what?



Iridology is a quick, accurate, non-invasive system of health analysis through the examination of the coloured part of the eye known as the iris.

Iridology is also the art and science of analyzing the colour and structure of the iris to gain valuable health information.

The eyes, long considered to be the “mirrors of the souls”, are now acknowledged as mirrors of the body and likened to miniature television screens recording the condition of the various organs and tissues throughout the body.

The iris records information about the state and functioning of every organ in the body as well as levels of inflammation and toxicity. This enables the underlying cause of the symptoms we may experience to be detected and removed.

The greatest feature and main advantage of Iridology over forms of health screening is that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptom develops. Therefore, preventative action may be taken to improve health and avoid those diseases that might otherwise follow.

Iridology does NOT reveal specific pathology (medical diseases) because many diseases create similar changes in the body tissues. (i.e. inflammation, acidity, toxicity, congested lymph, and hardening of the arteries).

Iridology is not concerned with specific symptoms, but with the restoration and maintenance of health by building the body’s immunity and life force.

To do a proper analysis, you must look at both the right and left iris and more importantly, ask questions and talk to the client. Input from the client is essential if the Iridologist is to do a proper analysis.

An Iridologist cannot and should not diagnose disease from the iris of the eye.

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