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What is iridology?

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Historically, the study of the eye can easily be traced back through civilization. The Chinese discerned health tendencies from the size shape and set of the eyes, and in Ayurvedic medicine the colour of the eyes is part of the description of a person’s Prakriti (constitution).Modern Iridology is defined as the study and analysis of the coloured section of the eye known as the Iris. Every part of the body relates to a different section of the iris and this is looked at through a magnification torch or camera.Iridology can help individuals to understand the total picture of their health, providing a valuable cross-check for other forms of health evaluation. It can be seen as a useful diagnostic tool particularly for preventative health. Your eyes – are not just the ‘windows to your soul’ but also the ‘mirror of your body’ as they contain a wealth of information about your health and organ function.The iris of your eyes is totally individual and can give important insight into overall health status, constitutional tendencies and metabolic status.

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The iris fibre formation, colour and any signs and markings are assessed using the latest iridology charts and maps. Every organ and tissue of the body is connected to the iris by a vast number of nerve fibres. Like with reflexology, where the feet or hands are used to influence other areas or organs in the body, with iridology through reflex association signs and marks relating to certain organs in the body are displayed in the iris. An experienced iridologist can read and interpret those.Thus it is ideal to use as preventative tool and can be very valuable to assess treatment plans – particularly if there was previously non/weak response to treatments.

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I am using a specially designed sophisticated iris microscopic system, which allows for detailed interpretation of all structures in the eye, with an attached digital camera – so images can be taken and will be included in a detailed reportThe iris can help reveal the potential disposition to certain health imbalances through an assessment of inherited and acquired tendencies. It is used to determine factors that may be important in the prevention of ill health, as well as working towards the attainment of optimal health.Iridology is a safe and non-invasive diagnostic method and can be of benefit to everyone. Due to light shining directly into the eye it is not recommended for people suffering with epilepsy.

Iridiagnosis Iridology Chart

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