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 What is Iridology?

iridology machine

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Iridology (pronounced eye-ri-dology) is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris to determine tissue integrity throughout the body, thereby gaining valuable health information regarding strengths and weaknesses. Iridologists study the iris, particularly the color, markings, changes and other aspects, as they are associated with tissue degeneration. Iridology is one form of analysis that is non-invasive to the body…requiring to cutting, x-raying or use of any other invasive technique to complete the analysis.

What is Advantage?

Used by mainstream medical practitioners in Europe and around the world, Iridology is an alternative/complementary practice in the United States. Its two strengths are:

1) Ability to see all body systems and organs at once. This includes circulatory, gastro-intestinal, glandular, skeletal, neurological, muscular and uro-genital systems at a glance. Thus, related factors and underlying causative factors can often be identified in a single non-intrusive session … without multiple tests.
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2) Advance Prognostics. Iridology excels at early-onset detection in pre-clinical stages. Instead of waiting for chronic or degenerative disease manifestations, typically eight to fifteen years in the making, an iridology scan detects conditions that lead to disease, often years before they are medically detected. This means that instead of calling on heroic measures to deal with a chronic condition, a targeted specific (NYCI’s unique intervention mode) can often restore homeostasis, or even prevent your condition from advancing to a critical stage.

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How to take your iridology images

Use your thumb to pull down your bottom eyelid, while at the same time use your index finger to lift-up your top eyelid until the entire eye is visible (the top and bottom part of your eye must be visible); if that doesn’t work, then open your eye wide enough to where the photographer can see the top and bottom part of your eye. Then Look Straight into the camera’s eye, and shine a flashlight, or pin light directly at each corner of your eye (one eye at a time). This will illuminate your iris fibers so that the camera can pick-up the iris fibers. All is needed is a photo of your iris (eye) and not your entire face .

iridology machine

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Iridology machine took iridology eye images

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iridology machine price

price is about 200-5000USD,Different effects, different costs.

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