Iridology Pioneers


Iridology Pioneers

Listed here are some remarkable pioneers who have made a great impact to the study & development of Iridology.

Pastor Felke of Germany (1856 – 1926)Work published: “The Eye: Diagnosis Based Upon the Principles of Pastor Felke by E. Muller”.

Henry Edward Lane, MD (Also known as Dr. H.E. Lahn) – Native of Austria although practiced in a sanitarium in Evanston, Illinois. Work Published: “Iridology: The Diagnosis from the Eye”. Kosmos Publishing Co., 1914

Henry Lindlahr, MD of USA. Work Published: “Irisdiagnosis and Other Diagnostic Methods”. Published in 1939 by Lindlahr Publishing Co.

Dr. F. W. Collins of Orange County, New Jersey. Work Published: 1918 Two Volumes of work on Iridology including the translation of German Iridologist, Peter Johannes Theil’s book, “The Diagnosis of Disease by Observation of the Eye”. Published in 1905.

Dr. J. Haskel Kritzer of USA. Work Published: Book titled “Iridiagnosis” Chicago: J.H. Kritzer, 1924.

Dr. John R. Arnold of USA. Work Published: Founder of the World Iridology Fellowship.

Dr. V. L. Ferrandiz of Barcelona, Spain. Work Published: Book titled “Iridiagnosis” published in 1970.

Dr. Josef Deck of Germany. Europe’s foremost iridologist. Work Published: Book titled “Differentiation of Iris Markings”. Translated by R. Freystuck- Baynham, Ulrike Fuchs, and Hans-Jurgen Fuchs. 2nd ed. Ettingen, Germany: 1982 Book Titled “Principles of Iris Diagnosis”. Translated by R. Freystuck- Baynham, and Hans-Jurgen Fuchs. Ettlingen, Germany 1982.

Theodore Kriege of Osnabruck, Germany. Work Published – “Fundamental Basis of Irisdiagnosis” – Translated by A.W. Priest. Essex, England: N. Fowler & Co., Ltd., 1969.

Dr. Bernard Jensen of Escondido California, USA. Work Published: Considered the worlds foremost iridologist. Volumous books and research

Dr. Donald Bodeen of Poughkeepsie, New York. Work Published: “Visions of Health”, “Understanding Iridology” co-authored with Dr. Bernard Jensen, Avery Publishing Group, 1992.

Victor S. Davidson of U.K. Work Published: “Iridiagnosis”. Wellingborough, England: Thorsons Publishers Ltd., 1979.

Dorothy Hall of Australia:. Work Published: “How the Eyes Reveal Your Health and Your Personality”. New Canaan, Connecticut, Keats Publishing Inc. 1980.

Jim Jenks of Utah, USA. – Several Iridology Publications

Niels Liljequist of Rockford Illinois, USA. Work Published: “Diagnosis From the Eye”. Iridology publishing Co., 1916.

P. Dimkov, Russia – Several Iridology Publications

E.S. Velkhover, Russia – “Father of Russian Iridology”

Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D., Canada –  Doctor of Iridology, Professor Emeritus of Natural Medicine

R.G. Wilborn, & James Terrell of USA.- Several Iridology Publications

William J. Burns of USA. Work Published: “The Irometer”. 1949

John Andrews, MH, Ir, MGNI – Advanced Iridology Research Journal. England

Ellen Tart, Ph.D., California – Several Iridology Publications

Bill Caradonna, ND, California – Several Iridology Publications

John Miles, M.Sc. – USA – Miles Research – Iris Capture Systems, Several research projects

Leonard Mehlmauer, ND, USA – Several Iridology Publications

Dr. Farida Sharan, MDMA ND MH – Author and lecturer in Iridology

Daehoon Kim, Ph.D. Korea & USA – Scientific developer of Iris capture systems and Iris software.

Ms. Vartchenko Natalia N. – Russia – Current Iridology Research and Development Specialist.

Dr. Makartchuk Iossif E.- Russia – Current Iridology Research and Development Specialist.

Mr. Gankine Konstantin A..- Russia – Current Iridology Research and Development Specialist.

Harri Wolf, M.Sc. – USA – Several publications and research works.

Bondur V. Ph.D. – Russia – Current Iridology Research and Development Specialist.

Cutenev  A.  MD – RUSSIA –  Current Iridology Research and Development Specialist.

Dr. Daniele Lo Rito. MD – ITALY – Dedicated researcher of the inner-pupillary border (Pupillary Ruff). Currently released the following books; Time Risk – New Acquisitions in Iridology, The Inner Pupillary Boarder – A multidimensional Approach.

Sguario  S. MD – ITALY – Several Iridology Publications

Fragnay P. MD – FRANCE – Highly respected for his work in “Iris Chromatherapy”.

Ponzo P. ND – FRANCE – Naturopathic Doctor who has made great strides in the field of Iridology and Nutrition.

Dailakis M. MD – GREECE – Published excellent monograph clinical study of Heart Diseases and Iridology.

If you have any suggestions of an individual who should added to the above list of Iridology Pioneers, please contact CNRI and let us know who you recommend!

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