Iridology Practicum in Singapore!


A very successful and well organized iridology practicum seminar was held March 27th to 29th, 2009 at SMU (Singapore Management University) in Singapore. Special thanks goes to IAAS members (Iridology Asia Association Singapore) who organized the very professional practicum lecture facilities at SMU and the delicious vegan buffets that were offered each day!

IAAS is a newly formed association in Singapore who are accomplishing great strides in promoting Iridology. Most impressive is that IAAS volunteers offer public lectures and free basic analysis to the citizens of Singapore, there-by greatly increasing the exposure of iridology. Generally, Iridology is not very well known in Singapore compared to other South Asian countries but the IAAS is about to change that.

Currently, a problem does exist to what is understood and applied in Iridology and iridodiagnostics throughout most of Asia, since they are learning information based upon several outdated iridology methods and theories. The IAAS practicum participants were treated to many ‘eye-opening’ facts regarding the several iridology myths being taught around Asia and also learned the importance of how to apply non-excessive iridological analysis with high accuracy.

Another seminar in Singapore is being planned for September 25 – 27, 2009. For more information or early registration (limited seating), please contact Frederick Loi, Secretary of Iridology Asia Association (Singapore) at:

IAAS Practicum Seminar Group

Prof. Bryan K. Marcia and Dr. Toni Goh (President of IAAS)


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