iridology simplified


iridology simplified

bernard jensen iridology bernard jensen book 1

This is a basic introduction to the science and practice of iridology. Diagrams and photographs demonstrate various conditions in the iris. A fine resource for the layman, beginning student, or anyone interested in natural health care.

Topics include:
– What is Iridology & How Does it Work?
– Physiology and Basic Iris Topography
– Major Iris Signs, Markings, Color & Variations
– Hering’s Law of Cure
– Making an Analysis
– Iridology and Nurtition
– What Iridology Does Not Do

An introduction to the science of iridology and its relation to nutrition. Dr. Bernard Jensen pioneered the science of iridology in the United States. He developed one of the most comprehensive iris charts showing the location of the organs as they reflect in the iris of the eye. His chart is still the most accurate one available today. This booklet contains a basic outline of the science of iridology as taught by Dr. Bernard Jensen. This is an introduction only.


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