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What is Iridology?

Iridology is a modality of alternative medicine that views the iris for health analysis. Essentially the iris records information about your constitutional strength and weaknesses and the state and functioning of every organ in the body. Stress levels, tension, cellular activity, levels of inflammation and toxicity can all be seen from iris analysis.

Similar to naturopathic medicine, iridology strives to find the root cause of a condition. By being a witness to the state of tissue and organ functioning, an iridologist is able to find the underlying causes of symptoms and disease and offer recommendations accordingly.

Iridology is above all a preventative modality of holistic healing because an iridologist is able to see weakness in a certain area before symptoms occur. Typically symptoms are the last indicator in the disease process and therefore much harder to treat. While being treated by an iridologist, you’ll be able to strengthen and resolve weaknesses before there is even an issue!
7 things Iridology CAN reveal:

Inherently weak/strong organs, glands, and tissues
Your constitutional strengths and weaknesses
Stages of inflammation and hyper/hypo activity
The state of your bowel tissue- ie prolapsing of the transverse colon, spastic bowels or ballooned colon tissue, sluggish bowels
Lymphatic system congestion
Relative ability of an organ, gland or tissue to hold nutrients
Results of physical or mental fatigue or stress on the body

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7 things iridology CANNOT reveal:

Kidney or gall stones
Identify disease by name
Identify medications or drugs that an individual has used or which surgical operations have been performed
Verify the presence of candida or fungal infections
Verify the presence of heavy metals, sexually transmitted disease, or in general any levels of hormones circulating in the body
Predict or indicate blood pressure levels or blood sugar levels.

The Origin of Iridology

A young Ignatz Von Pecezely, the main founder of iridology, first discovered the connection between the iris and the body from an owl he was trying to free. The story goes that while struggling to free this owl it’s leg accidentally broke and at that moment Von Pecezely was staring into the owls eye and noticed a black streak instantaneously appear. Von Pecezely took it upon himself to nurse the owl back to health, and he began to notice the black line turning into a crooked white line over time. Later in life, after becoming a doctor he remembered this incident while treating a patient with a broken leg and to his amazement noticed the exact same crooked white line within the iris. Over the course of his career Dr. Ignatz Von Pecezely created the first iris chart from examining his patients eyes and looking for correlations in iris markings. In 1826 he wrote “Discoveries in the field of natural science and medicine: Instructions in the study of diagnosis from the eye.”

Over the years there has been many other holistic health practitioners write on the iris including names like Dr. Peter Theil (The Diagnosis of Disease by Observation of the Eye), Dr. Bernard Jensen (The Science and Practice of Iridology) and Dorothy Hall (Iridology).

Iridology and Holistic Nutrition

The reason I chose to study iridology was because after studying holistic nutrition I realized that although I had this terrific way of helping someone feel better through food and diet I had no diagnostic tool. Although iridology is technically not a means of diagnosing (only a doctor can diagnose or treat a specific disease), with it I can hone in on specific areas of weakness and use my knowledge of nutrition to re-balance the system. The problem I realized very quickly after becoming a holistic nutritionist was that it didn’t feel like enough. Yes I could help someone clean up their diet, basing my findings off of symptoms that they were experiencing but I couldn’t actually get to the root cause of why they were feeling that way. Essentially I was treating the symptom and not the cause. With iridology in my modality tool belt I can begin to help clients prevent conditions and clear up the real root cause of a symptom.

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Unfortunately, I must say that iridology is not a fully excepted modality in the medical world. At this point in time it is unregulated and almost anyone can call himself or herself an iridologist. I can guarantee that iridology will not be covered under any extended health care plan. However this is where my credentials in nutrition come in handy because when you come see me you will be billed for a holistic nutrition appointment, which may be covered by your extended health care plan.
To sum up, here are 5 reasons why you should book an appointment with me:

For a healthy meal plan that is going to be specific to your body’s needs.
For preventing underlying conditions in the body
If you want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your organs and tissues.
To find out if you have acid and toxic conditions and what you can do about it
Overall to find out about the state and functioning of your body.

If I haven’t convinced you of all the benefits of iridology and nutrition and you have more questions please feel free to book in for a complimentary 15 minute meet and greet. My clinic times are Sundays, Monday afternoons, Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings.

Madison Isenor C.H.N, Iridologist

Madison headshot editI am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, CHN™ and have a transcript in Iridology from the Canadian Institute of Iridology. I achieved my diploma with honors in holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta. My vast knowledge of supplementation has been acquired from working in naturopathic clinics, health food stores and ongoing education through webinars, books and podcasts. It is important to me to have up to date information on the newest nutritional research and popular diets. I have also completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in Brazil in 2013 with Define Yoga.

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