iridology spots in eyes


1)What is the iridology spots ?

iridology-spot-in eye

iridology-spot-in eye


2)Why my iridology spots in eye?

(1) Long-term use of antibiotics;
(2) Represent hypoxia, poor organ activity and fast aging;
Hyper pigmentation usually appear in the weakest organ activity.

Known as psora spots,
those little red, brown or green dots are an indicator of toxins located in body tissues. These toxins often make their way into the body via prescription medications taken over a long period of time, or through the environment.

Spots and Other Defects
Dark spots or cavities in the iris may be a sign of problems in the corresponding body part.

Other defects that iridologists seek to determine both hereditary and acquired health problems include dark spots, also known as liver spots, and lacunae, or empty pits or cavities within the iris. The Helenic Medical Association of Iridology gives several examples of how these defects correlate to certain diagnoses. For example, a lucana in the corresponding liver area of the iris can be seen in a patient with hepatitis B. A dark spot in the corresponding kidney area can be seen in patients with kidney hydronephrosis, which is a swelling of the kidneys sometimes caused by kidney stones.

Dr. David Pesek of the International Institute of Iridology further explains that signs in either the right or left eye correspond to that side of the body. A spot over the area corresponding to the left ovary in the iris may indicate an actual cyst on the patient’s left ovary.

3)If my iridology in spots, how to do?

Stop taking medicine, detoxification and exercise.

If, after consulting with your doctor, the spot on your iris is determined to be a psoric spot indicative of toxins in your body, stop by our ‘Supplements’ section to learn about various natural remedies that will detox your body in no time!

4)What is iridology sports show you by images.

IMG_0835 IMG_0846 IMG_1046 IMG_1097 IMG_2329 IMG_3216 IMG_3579


5)What is iridology soprts in eye show you by Video.

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