iridology stress rings:what,why,and the mean


what iridology stress rings?

nerve rings iridology

Nerve Rings or Stress Rings:
Location: The ciliary zone;
Appearance: It look like growth rings on a tree;
Symptoms: The more of these rings a person has, the more nervous the person is.
It tend to be perfectionists and are highly active and accomplishment-oriented.


why iridology stress rings?

* Scurf Rim or Ring of Purpose is a dark band around the iris, indicating that the skin is not functioning properly. These people do not sweat easily (lack of detoxification), have increased mucous production and kidney stress. They are “thick-skinned” emotionally.
* Stress Rings or Rings of Freedom look like growth rings on a tree. They indicate neuro-muscular tension and stress. These people tend to be perfectionists and are highly active and accomplishment-oriented.
* Lipid Ring or Ring of Determination is a heavy white ring partially or completely covering the outer edge of the iris. This ring is mostly found in older people, and it is indicative of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems. It can also indicate problems with the liver and thyroid, and an increased risk of Parkinson’s Disease. These people tend to be stubborn.
* Lymphatic Rosary or Ring of Harmony looks like a tiny ring of clouds around the outer iris. These people have lymphatic congestion and swollen lymph nodes. Perhaps the person with this ring is not getting enough exercise for the particular body parts underlying the ring. These people internalize others’ problems to make everything appear harmonious, as they dislike conflict and tension in their environment.

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what the mean iridology stress rings?

Signs of stress and adrenal fatigue are in plain view in Iridology.

Generally an enlarged or rapidly pulsing pupil (not in response to the light) indicates adrenal fatigue. Another sign easily seen in the eyes are nerve Iridology_Nerve_Ringsrings, which appear as white furrows around the middle to periphery of the iris. These rings indicate an overly taxed nervous system, often seen in the eyes of the chronically overworked, nutritionally deficient, caffeine-addicted or an already weakened constitution.

Such conditions should be nourished with a full spectrum B-Vitamin supplement such as Nutri Calm, or with nutritive herbs like Milky Oats, adaptogenic tonics like Ginseng, Schisandra or Rhodiola, or Glycine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that aids in reducing stress, enhancing focus, and bettering sleep by relaxing the lower back and brain stem.

On the Iridology chart, it is no happenstance that the innermost region of the iris before the pupil, which is associated with the stomach and is then surrounded by the intestinal area, is cloaked in a ring termed the Autonomic Nerve Wreath. The gut’s nervous system, recently termed the second brain, or gut brain, “consists of sheaths of neurons embedded in the walls of the long tube of our gut, or alimentary canal. The second brain contains some 100 million neurons, more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system!”

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This structural connection, reflected and confirmed by the iris, shows the importance of a healthy gut ecology for a sound, healthy nervous system. Darkness or discoloration in this portion of the iris indicates certain levels of toxicity borne from improper digestion and/or poor diet. Contrastingly, consistent coloration and tight fibers, without nerve ring indentations indicates a resilient, properly functioning GI tract, making for a more resilient nervous system in the presence of stressors. Probiotics are integral to all aspects of health, bodily and mentally. These bacteria both protect and serve, by keeping malevolent bacteria at bay in addition to making our own B-vitamins and vitamin K. Those with chronic nervousness manifested in the gut, whether by “butterflies” or irritable bowels, would be served well by herbs like Lavender, Chamomile, or Lemon Balm, which act both mind and body by soothing nerves all over, in both the gut and the brain.

Iridology has one of the best ways of showing us how everything in the body is inner connected, reinforcing the need for a holistic approach to healthcare. In the Iridology map/chart we see at the center the most primal brain of our gut, and as we move outward from the pupil we move outward toward the surface of the body, with all points connected and influencing each other along the way. This makes it so clear for us to see that healing must happen from the inside out.

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