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About Sydney Iridology

iridology sydney

Sydney Iridology works with clients and students from various cultures, across different backgrounds and with a wide variety of health concerns. Taking into account individual likes and dislikes, Sydney Iridology will work closely with you to improve diet and lifestyle and support you in achieving the very best health outcomes.

As the key practitioner, Mercedes Diverio applies training received as well as extensive clinical experience to constructively interpret ‘iris signs’ in the context of patient health.This helps to understand inherited patient predispositions and how these can affect current and future health status.

Mercedes Diverio holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Complementary Medicine with Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, Homoeopathy and has Diplomas in Reflexology and Remedial Massage. Since 2003, Mercedes has lectured in the areas of naturopathic, nutritional, herbal medicine and Iridology in particular. She’s also a clinic supervisor of practicum students in the final years of their bachelor degrees of naturopathy and nutritional medicine.

iridology sydney

A basic guide to iridology diagnosis in Sydney

Iridology is often used by naturopaths to help determine the state of their client’s health. There are different tools that naturopaths employ to analyse the iris, which is the coloured doughnut-shaped tissue of the eye, such as an iris camera or a torch and magnifying glass.

While iridology doesn’t enable naturopaths to diagnose diseases, the iris can be used to identify if a range of different body systems aren’t functioning correctly or are over stressed. There are also various iris signs that can signify if specific health problems are evident.

Sign 1: Cholesterol ring

Otherwise referred to as arcus senilis, the cholesterol ring is a frosted white circle which appears in the outer perimeter of the iris. If an individual has a cholesterol ring this often highlights they have high cholesterol levels or genetically have a higher risk of developing heart disease. Health advice for this condition includes regular exercise, weight loss and taking fish oils.

Sign 2: Nerve rings

Nerve rings are identified as concentric arcs which can be seen anywhere on the iris. These signify if an individual carries stress in their body. The higher the number of nerve rings an individual has, the more stress they are carrying. Epsom salt baths, kava, passion flower, yoga and meditation can help to calm a nervous system that is overactive.

Sign 3: Lymphatic rosary

Identified as a series of small white or cream beads that appear on the outer iris perimeter, a lymphatic rosary often highlights a sluggish lymphatic system. It also reveals that the immune system could need assistance with garlic and vitamin C, as well as echinacea and zinc.

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Sign 4: Pulsating pupil

When a pupil can be seen pulsating in and out or is larger than it’s normal size, this is often an indicator that you could be adrenally exhausted and may be suffering from fatigue. If you take vitamin B, along with herbs related to the adrenals, such as rehmannia or liquorice, this can help you to sleep better.

Sign 5: Fine red blood vessels

If fine red blood vessels can be seen in the whites of the eyes surrounding the iris, this is a sign that the individual may suffer from allergies. To treat this it’s important to identify and remove the allergen.

Iridology Sydney

If you’re interested in having a naturopath perform this service, contact Express Healing Sydney iridology today. Our Sydney iridologist Ale’ has many years’ experience in iris diagnosis.

iridology sydney

What Sydney Iridology can do?

Your genetic potential, health tendencies and predispositions
Nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues and liver and gall bladder function
Circulatory problems and lymphatic congestion
Stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue
Inflammatory conditions, level of acidity in the body and tissue toxicity
Immune system function, blood sugar irregularities and many other conditions

iridology sydney

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