Irilology iris and Acid Physique


Irilology iris and Acid Physique 

Iris and Acid Physique:
Human body is made up of all kind of chemicals, every chemical has its features, and the rate of pH is one of the chemical features. The change of pH is related with human��s health closely, especially human��s blood, which is the label of human��s health. Human��s blood is low acid; the rate of pH is between 7.35 and 7.45. When the pH of blood is lower than 7.35, human��s health is in the situation of sub health or sickness. In the word of medical, he or she has a acid physique.
The affect of acid physique
On the sight of biology, acid physiques will lead to abnormality of metabolize, reduction of oxygen to cell. Acid physique will restraint activity of some ferment, which make the nutrition difficult to get into the cell and absorb, so the cell could not get enough energy and metabolize get slow. As a result, the poison in body could not pass out, so the organs like kidney and liver have to take the poison, and it will reduce the cell of immune system. As long as the time lasts, it will lead to the harm and variation of DNA; at last it establishes an environment for the growing of bacilli and virus, which all kinds of pathology and cancers.
Acid Physique is the source of all the disease
Medical professors say70& of human has acid physique, and 85% of Gout, hypertension, cancer, hyperlipidemia patients has acid physique. Thus acid physique is the source of all the disease. At the beginning, human would feel tired, sleepy, poor spirit, bad temper, low memory, weak relationship, and then it may lead to some disease like cold, fever, skin disease, whelk, dysmenorrheal, Bone hyperplasia or Fragile bones, Anemia, bad reaction of Aorta, decline of Liver function, slowing down Gastrointestinal motility, Constipation, Hypertension, heart disease, gout, diabetes and so on. So Japanese Scientists has a research on cancer patients, they have found that almost all the cancer patients�� blood is acid. This case dedicates, the acid physique is closely related with cancer and many kinds of disease.

 Irilology iris and Acid Physique

Irilology iris and Acid Physique

The reason of acid physique
The reason of acid physique is lack of alkaline matter.
(1)  Bad habits of life
Without scientific life habits, and balance of nutrition and diet, human body will become acid.
(2) Environmental Pollution
The air, water, crops, fowls, critters and fisheries products are in pollution. Thus, too much acid matter will stay inside body and make you physique become acid.
(3) Without law of life
Without the combination of work and rest and law of life, especially enough sleep, physical activities will be out of control, and the tiredness will contribute the body to increasing of Lactic acid and urea, and these matters could not pass out of body in time, it would make humor get acid in a short time, which lead to the acid physique.
(4) Positive emotion like anger, nerve, fear, agitate, intensity and so on acts a role as activator, it will spur the nerve system, and enhance the harm on organs.
(5) Wine and cigarette are traditional acid matters; too much wine and too many cigarettes are the important reason of acid physique. Wine and cigarettes would enhance the speed of acid physique, so wine-alcoholic and cigar-alcoholic could get acid physique easily.

How to prevent and improve acid physique
In a research from our country, in a city 60% of the households has acid physique, it means the humor of public has get acid, and it is harmful for peoples�� health, and bring inconvenience and great loss to families and society. Thus, to prevent and improve acid physique is one of the most important problems for health. If we want to change the situation, what we need to do first is to change our diet habits; we should take more alkaline food instead. Only when the pH of your blood is alkaline, you can have good health.

Normal Acid and Alkaline food:
Strong Alkaline food: Grapes, tea, kelp, natural green algae, black edible fungus and so on.
Middle Alkaline food: Soybeans, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, rape, amaranth, celery, salt Potherb Mustard, mustard, turnip dry, pumpkin, protein, bananas, oranges, strawberries, lemons, seaweed, foam green vegetables, beans and milk powder and so on
Low Alkaline food: beans, radish, cabbage, onions and other vegetables, bean curd products such as beans, apples and other fruit.
Strong Acid Food: Egg yolk, cheese, Western-style sweet cakes, sugar, and persimmon and so on.
Middle Acid Food: Ham, chicken, pork, beef, horse meat, tuna fish, eel, bread, wheat, butter and so on.
Low Acid Food: Rice, peanuts, corn, fried bean curd, Seaweed, clams, octopus, Loach and so on.

Generally speaking, almost all the kinds of wine are acid, if you would like to drink wine, the wine which is made of grape is the best choice, for it is alkaline. But we have to measure the wine we drink; too much wine will make our humor acid. Edibal fat is all acid food, but according to the producing method the level of acid is different, and soybean oil is the best choice. What we need to take attention, fried food is acid for edibal fat is acid food.
Milk should be acid food, but it consists of rich minerals like calcium, so it is alkaline food too. When acid matter and alkaline matter mix together, they show the feature of low alkaline. In addition, nutrition professor recommend to take milk for its rich nutrition.

How to examine acid physique?
1.       Do you feel tired everyday?
2.       Do you sleep badly in night?
3.       Do you have poor spirit when you gat up in the morning?
4.       Do you always show week bad nerve and weak memory?
5.       Do you have bad temper and get angry easily?
6.       Do you feel your hand and feet cold and paralysis?
7.       Do you often have bad appetite?
8.       Do you like eating acid food?
9.       Do you get sick easily?
10.   Do you often have headache, pain of leg, Shoulder acid, lumbar acid?

If you answer the question ��yes�� more than 5 times, your body is probably acid. Besides all the above, you could buy a pH paper to self-examine. You could test the emiction in the morning with pH paper, if the rate of pH is lower than 5 (normally the pH rate should be between 5.5 and 6.0), your body is probably acid. If necessary, you could go to hospital and take a detailed body check in order to find the way of cure.

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