Iris Diathesis based on chemical deposits


ioridology constitution-chemicals

The color of iris can be affected by the accumulation of medicines or chemical deposits on the body, these deposits are reflected as spots with different patterns on the iris. Thus, diathesis can be classified depending on the characteristics of spots and chemical deposits signs found on iris.

Uric acid Diathesis

This sign can be found with more frequency on people with blue eyes, although it can also be found on brown eyes. In this case the iris presents grayish-white or brown spots which are interspersed around the medium area of iris, on the other hand the band of autonomic nervous system looks thickened with a whitish coloration, the lymphatic area also presents little white spots but with a particularity, these signs are not well defined as in the case of hydrogenoid diathesis, instead these spots have a diffuse appearance. The ciliary border (which corresponds to skin) can look darker due to the lack of fibers in that area.


Pathological predispositions related to this type of diathesis include gouty arthritis, rheumatic or arthritic diseases, high levels of uric acid and a tendency to absorb and accumulate uric acid which eventually leads to inflammation of the kidneys triggering a variety of pathologies. Skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema are also associated to uric acid diathesis.

Hydrogenoid Diathesis

This diathesis corresponds to a blue or blue-gray iris with little white spots located on the ciliary zone, such spots reflect the condition of the lymphatic system and they tend to appear in areas corresponding to chest, lungs, groin, neck, head, diaphragm and nasal areas. When spots take a yellowish or brownish coloration, they reveal chronic congestion and toxicity. An iris with hydrogenoid diathesis can present additionally a whitish band of autonomic nervous system.

Pathological predispositions related to this type of diathesis include lymphatic congestion on the body caused by the excess of lymph fluid and the hyperplasia of white blood cells, such congestion is manifested as allergies, respiratory infections and hay fever. Pathological predispositions also include weak digestion and a difficulty to metabolize proteins which can lead to poor control of acids. A person with this constitution also presents problems with the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Kids with this diathesis have problems with ears, nose and throat.

Hemochromatosis Diathesis

This diathesis can be found on irises with biliary constitution, and it presents a concentration of brown or reddish pigments surrounding the band of autonomic nervous system accompanied by grooves or nervous contraction rings and diffuse spots. This diathesis can also present a pattern of radial stripes.

Pathological predispositions related to this type of diathesis include hepatic disorders, digestive system disorders, and a difficulty to metabolize fats. Clinical examination of patients with this diathesis has revealed in some cases damage or enlargement of the liver with high levels of serum iron.

Lipemic Diathesis

An iris with this diathesis presents a dense mist with a whitish opaque coloration due to the accumulation of inorganic salts and lipids on the ciliary border. This diathesis reveals high levels of cholesterol and fats on blood and the high levels of calcium accumulated on joints and body tissues. The presence of an arc on the upper area indicates a cerebrovascular insufficiency. An arc on the temporal area indicates obstruction of the coronary arteries and / or pulmonary arteries.

Pathological predispositions related to this type of diathesis include a hepatic dysfunction caused by glucose metabolism and fats, predispositions also include degenerative cardiovascular processes, deficiencies in thyroid and adrenal glands, unbalances on blood pressure, senility, poor memory and pain in the distal joints.

Rheumatic Diathesis

This diathesis can be observed on brown and blue eyes. It is characterized by the presence of whitish spots located near the ciliary area; these are connected to the band of autonomic nervous system by signs of uric acid. Pathological predispositions related to this type of diathesis include a severe rheumatic trend accompanied by an increased acid metabolism, acute inflammation in the connective tissue system and an insufficient lymphatic drainage.

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